looking for a speech therapist (individual session)

Hi mummies,

I'm looking for a speech therapist (individual session) for my 3yr & 7mnths old who has speech delay & articulation problem.
He can speak but sometimes not clear enough and he also have difficulty to relate day activity.
Other than this 2 problem, his behavious all is normal. he do pretend play, he do plays with friends(eventhough some of his friend bully him due to he cannot speak well), and teacher also feedback to me, other than his speech, he can follow the lesson very well.

From last time 3years he still bubbling in baby language until now 7months later he did so much tremendeous improvement, but i still cannot chase my worry when see his classmates all so talkative (including those youngers than my boy).

I am thinking if i put him on Speech therapy, it will help him speed up.

Can anyone recommend a experienced, effective therapist? Many many thks for any feedback!
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Hi you can look for Lela Iuorno from Language Loft, her number is 65-6442 8962.One of her child also has some developmental issues.I believe She can relate to your problem.let her know you are recommended by Jean from Dr Gerard Chee clinic.


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Hi. My daughter is also having some issues with speech. The main reason is that she has GDD. This is based on the diagnosis of a neurologist. Your pedia should first initiate the basic test then she or he will recommend your child to a neurologist. This is to identify the cause of the delay. Because my daughter was not sent immediately to a speech therapist. She went first to an occupational therapist. After she has been some improvements she was then recommended for a speech therapy session. Anyway, my opinion is to see a neurologist first. Hope you he gets better.


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Hi, for those still looking for a local home-based speech therapist, you may want to check out speechbubbles.com.sg. Reviews online look good!:)