Looking for tutors for O level private candidate.


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CJ Hong

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Hi! My name is CJ and I specialise in English and GP tuition and exam revision workshops for GCE 'O' Level and GCE 'A' Level students. I am an RI scholar and graduated with First Class Hons.

I will be conducting a 3-hour intensive exam revision workshop on 30 Sep (Sat) from 6 - 9pm on the proven exam techniques and tips for GCE 'O' Level English (Paper 1 and Paper 2), based on my experience as both a student candidate (having attained an 'A1' grade myself) and a successful top-ranked full-time tutor (I was ranked by an independent third-party agency website to be within the top 2% of 18,000 private tutors in Singapore - including those who teach other subjects, based on client feedback, experience and qualifications).

This will be a live online group session which will be conducted via Skype. The total cost for the 3-hour workshop is $99 nett, with no other fees or payments involved. As part of the workshop, I will be providing all participants with a full set of my own exam notes and materials in soft copy (PDF format).

Please message me for more details, thank you!


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Hello, I am an experienced Secondary School Science tutor, feel free to PM me.

Currently a Final year uni student at NUS, Department of Biological Sciences.
Graduated from Hwa Chong JC with Hwa Chong Diploma.
I have been tutoring secondary school science for 2 years, and have taught Sec 5 students, Sec 3 and Sec 2 students in the past. Currently teaching 2 Sec 4 students from SNGS and Sec 2 student from Anderson. I am always learning and improving, and have recently been certified for learner-centred coaching.

I am very familiar with 'O' level Biology, Chem and Physics syllabus. I take pride in teaching and make it a point to motivate students through getting them interested in what they are learning. I also teach my students studying skills and stress management skills help them learn more effectively.


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