Looking for work from home as soon as possible

Myra Ismail

New Member
Hi all! im a newbie in this mummysg. I really hope i could find what im looking for all along. Im a housewife with two children aged 11months & 4 years old. I came from a low income family. I dont wish to elaborate more on some personal stuffs. Its just that my 11months old son isnt fit to be in the childcare centre, and i am not able to go out to work outside as i need to supervised my baby as long as he needed me to. after been visiting the clinic for number of times when he was few months old, the doctor had given me a memo that my baby is not fit to be in the childcare. im a little struggling in terms of financial. therefore i am looking for a work from home job. if anyone of u came across or know anyone that is hiring for work from home, please do inform me! i badly in need of job to earn a income for my kids. im open for jobs like packing from home, doing some paperworks or something. really need your kind help.. thank u so much! anyway if there is, please email me at myrayan13@gmail.com Thank you!