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Discussion in 'Accessories Talk' started by CynCyn, Sep 4, 2007.

  1. rainypink

    rainypink Member

    now i seem to fall in love for Prada. got Prada lobang? =)
  2. Ms Preggy

    Ms Preggy New Member

    yeahh..any Prada lobangs??..ever since my gf quit,no staff purchase liao.ha!
    But still have other gfs at high-ends boutique.Staff purchase is much appreciated during economy-downturn! Ha!:tongue:
  3. Ashbaby

    Ashbaby Active Member

    Got a Trevi PM at $2500
  4. autumn82

    autumn82 Well-Known Member

    I managed to get the Trevi GM last Jul! Heh. But now sianz, too heavy to be diaper bag.. Now sitting in my cupboard nua-ing..
  5. Ashbaby

    Ashbaby Active Member

    Yes the bag itself is already heavy!!!
  6. autumn82

    autumn82 Well-Known Member

    :tlaugh:sad hor.. why can't it be lighter.. :p
  7. Daddy D

    Daddy D Alpha Male

    Women n their bags.... not forgetting the shoes... I can never understand!
    Now my 3yr old gal has as many shoes as my DW... help! :p
  8. autumn82

    autumn82 Well-Known Member

    Soon will be bags, clips... clotheS! LOL.
  9. jing69

    jing69 New Member

    i tot of getting oNE LV bag, but too xx
  10. lollipopglory

    lollipopglory New Member

    Love LV too. Owned a Palermo PA and a Sarah Wallet. Eyeing a Pochette noe. hehehe:Dancing_tongue:
  11. jessielu

    jessielu Member

    LV is too luxury for me, cannot afford:nah:

    Appreciate if someone got frens who work in coach as I eyeing something and if possible, pamper myself abit :red: Do PM me if got frens working in COACH, thanks ya.:Dancing_wub:
  12. tomoko

    tomoko New Member

    I do own 3 items from LV.... Monogram bucket bought many years back together with the wallet.... after so many years it was still in tip top condition... really worth buying so bought a Palermo PM last december
  13. LuvMy2Kids

    LuvMy2Kids New Member

    Any idea which LV bag can use as diaper bag?? :001_302:
  14. sugarcookie

    sugarcookie Active Member

    I know a lot of people use the Neverfull as a diaper bag.
  15. missfoxyazza

    missfoxyazza Member

    Use to love Coach Bags(got 1Baby Bag, 4handbags, 1wristlet & 1wallet) but its so common now since its very affordable. So i already stop buying it.

    Now in love with LV!! So far got 1 only, Damier speedy 35. bought from UK when the GBP dropped.
  16. pris84

    pris84 New Member

    Go and rent the Neverfull to see whether you like it as a diaper bag first.
    Dont buy then regret.
    Got a lot of people renting out Neverfull at sgBagRental.com

    I think that website has the most number of branded bags in Singapore already.

    So many pages..
  17. Ariel Chong

    Ariel Chong Member

    i have a key holder
  18. WalterPed

    WalterPed Member

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