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Not really a direct connection. Erectile dysfunction and low sperm count are not associated. It is true that smoking may cause some sperm count to drop. However nothing to worry - sperm fertility gets restored to normal because he has quit. I know partners where the man has really low sperm count and with some very carefully planning and alternative medicine methods they have conceived.

For what it's worth, you can aim at producing yourself so fertile that you could compensate low sperm count. Coming on ED it can be easily treated with help of medicines like kamagra jelly tablets. I was suffering from ED last year and i took this medication. Its best to cure ED. Sperm count can be improved *occasionally* when the man gives up bad habits such as smoking, drinking, drugs, and so on. Heat is also the adversary of sperm. If he or she wears tight underwear or even pants, switching to loose clothing may help. Hot bathrooms *could* also cause problems (switch to comfortable). Or if he spends a long time in a hot environment, that may also be causing difficulties within sperm production.


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So i decided to try the dates and raisins recipe. Finger cross it will make my dh sperm increase tremendously.


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Hey, I applaud you unreservedly in the way you think & act ... :wink: :wink:

Since you are willing to try consuming dates etc, I thought I'd share with you some experiences of my staff:

Case #1 ... female staff with very irregular menstrual cycle (ie, less than 12 times a year), which has been pronounced by her own gynae that it will be difficult to conceive (since the fertile period cannot be easily identified) & it will be even more difficult to see through a pregnancy (as her womb is considered instable) ... after a year of persevering through fortnightly TCM treatment, she not only regularised her cycle, her gynae detected the presence of 4 eggs in her when she went for her annual check-up ... after she got pregnant naturally, she continued with the TCM treatment & not only was her delivery safe & smooth, she is now the mother of 3 healthy school-going children!!

Case #2 ... male staff with low sperm count, as declared by the fertility specialist in KK ... sought professional help to conceive, on & off throughout their first 10 years of marriage ... finally embarked on the TCM journey, after having a heart-to-heart chat with the female staff mentioned above ... similarly, after a year or so of persevering through fortnightly treatment, he is now the proud father of a healthy son!!

I dun wanna sound like a salesman here ... so, if you are keen to know more (as in location, charges, modus operandi, etc), just PM me. :wink: :wink:
Hihi I am interested, please pm me


I used something like this because I really want to have a second child. After the first was born we rarely had intercourse and now it has been 2 years. I can count on my fingers how many time it had happened. I was really missing it, but he was not interested. I bought cialis kaufen and it did the job. He really wanted it and it was really nice. Now we are having regular intercourse and I feel like the second child is going to be soon on the way.
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My husband had low sperm count...he's was only 1% out of 40.... He was given vitamin E and zinc tablets to enhance but it didnt help even after a year. I met a friend who had the same problem and gave me tips to help my husband.
1) Chopped dates and raisins and mix it with honey. Preserve it into a jam jar and leave it for 24hrs at room temperature. 24hours later put it in the fridge and eat one teaspoon everynight b4 he sleeps.

After 3 months we went for the test, even the doctor was shocked to see the difference it went up to 33%. Try it..... It really WORKS!!

this really works cuz this is not the first time i'm hearing this from somebody.


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Hi ladies, we’ve been trying treatments but haven’t been very successful. Hubby and I are thinking of going for sperm donor instead. Anyone knows how to go about finding and going through the process? :(

anyone else has thought about it or tried it?


I, too, faced the problem of low sperm count. My girlfriend is not happy with her quantity and taste. This problem arose because I smoke a lot. I've been smoking for 12 years now, and I can't give up this bad habit, and the worst part is that I like smoking. I thought for a long time how to solve this problem and decided to start taking pills, after which my girlfriend was satisfied with me :)
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If you're facing low sperm count but considering to start a family, I'd suggest seeing a doctor. In our case, we saw Dr Kelly Loi. She's a fertility specialist at Mount E and we decided to do fertility assessment with her, which was how we learned about the low sperm count issue. Aside from diet and lifestyle changes, she recommended treatments like IUI to help us get pregnant despite the sperm factor. Luckily IUI worked for us. So definitely seeing the doctor should be a priority in cases like this.