Lowest interest for renovation loan


hi chillaxville,

from wad i know all banks have more or less the same interest rates

perhaps u can work on the repayment period? Coz some banks may offer longer repayment period.

last time when i wanted to renovate my own house have taken OCBC bank into consideration becoz at tat time they have offered 4 year repayment period.

other banks to check may be RHB or Maybank?

remember to check clearly the terms and conditions as well.

good luck sourcing.


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I took my Reno loan fm 2 banks for repay plan of 5 yrs. Citibank & HSBC, rememeber I pay lower with Citibank.


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I think right now RHB is the lowest Bank for renovation loan but from i know i learnt is their customer service is less desireable :)

koh sze pei

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i need help! i need to apply 3 banks but most of the bank reject my application, only 2 bank is approved, how to apply another bank?