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  1. tamarind

    tamarind Member

    Hi all,
    I have created a list of agencies and customers reviews here. Please feel free to view.

    Singapore Maid Agencies Reviews

    Please feel free to send me your reviews of the maid agencies you have used before, good or bad also can. Don't worry you will remain anonymous. This will benefit other mommies when they choose their maid agencies. Thanks !
  2. mar_mum

    mar_mum Member

    How come it seems like all are bad? No one with good experience to share?
  3. sharonsi

    sharonsi New Member

    I have just got a maid from an agency named Bluesky employment agency, and they have recommended a very good maid to me. They provide home visit to understand my needs.

    You can call them at 8127-8881 or 6498-2898 if you are want to know more details.

    Hope the information helps.
  4. IVYTeo

    IVYTeo New Member

    My recommendation would be an Employment Agency which self own and the owner is running the show. The service that provided by her is good and she is moltivated in providing the service to keep her customer. I had a very good experience with her since my first maid, during then I needed a maid urgently and I was having my confinement. She went extra mile by bringing the bio data that match my requirement to my house, at the same time she explained patiently and detail on the selection criteria. As that was my 1st hiring, at that time the service and information that provided was really helpful. You can reach her at 98573533 if you need more information.
  5. worriedmom

    worriedmom New Member

    Hey I saw this post and called up these guys. Tell me as the post is 3 months old, are u still happy with them? They seemed couteous enough on phone but want to double check on your experience.
  6. worriedmom

    worriedmom New Member

    Hey can u give me the name of this agency and also how is the experience now?
  7. IVYTeo

    IVYTeo New Member

    Hi, I have PM you the detail.
  8. pipilili

    pipilili Member

    i realised smaller agency, thei maid quality not so good....v young...

    I am worried that the maid lied abt their age...
  9. angietansc

    angietansc New Member

    Hi... Do u hav e agency name or e lady's name? Thanks in advance :)
  10. IVYTeo

    IVYTeo New Member

    I have PM you.
  11. hpc

    hpc Member

    Not all small agency's maids are not so good.The agent I got my maid is not bad,so far got 3 maids from her ,all finish contract.
  12. angietansc

    angietansc New Member

    Hi could you share e details of your agency? thanks :)
  13. hpc

    hpc Member

    This agent is run by husband n wife,no advertistment fee so either low agency fee or some bios 0 agency fee.So far her maids don't give me problem ,can handle baby/kids after I train them,do house work,do cooking etc.My present maid will be finishing her contract in 5mths time,will be getting another maid from her anytime.
  14. angietansc

    angietansc New Member

    Hi.... Could u share e details of ur maid agency ... Thanks in advance :)
  15. pipilili

    pipilili Member

    Big agency usually charge $500+ for agency fees.
    Small agency charge ard $300+ for agency fees.

    Big agency has training centre in SG to re-train the maid after they reached SG.
    Small agency do not have training centre in SG at all. They usually bring the maid back to their home to train personally.

  16. lindalau321

    lindalau321 New Member


    I am looking for a maid in Malaysia and found the following website, hopefully can help someone in the future.

    Maid in Malaysia | Homeloq
  17. ping26

    ping26 Member

    Does anyone know of a cheap dentist?

    My new maid has super bad breath. Prob bad tooth decay.

    Dang. My poor baby gotta take in her smelly breath.

    We paid $200 for previous maid's dental job. Lucky she worked 2 years.
  18. pipilili

    pipilili Member

    My maid also got bad breath, like something rot in her mouth.
    The reason why this is so is b/c she takes sambal, and maybe got gastric problems, and also DUN drink WATER at all.

    My confinement lady is telling my maid to wash her mouth/teeth with salt every morning. She told my maid off tt her maid is smelly. Hahahahaha...damn funny.

    Honestly, I also nearly fainted when she opened her mouth. My poor baby got to smell her smelly breath ....
  19. ping26

    ping26 Member

    Congrats, u hv delivered :)

    I only heard that some FDWs have bad body odour until I met my previous maid.

    After the dentist extracted the decayed teeth, the bad breath went away. Tooth decay can cause FOUL FOUL bad breath.

    Most chilli-loving Singaporeans don't have such stinky breath.

    This Burmese doesn't eat much chilli & her breath is worse than 2nd maid. I sometimes see her auto rinse mouth after a meal. I think we kena again :( sian

    Lucky, the dentist could extract the molars last time. Otherwise, it'll be $200 per tooth instead.
  20. Olliver120310

    Olliver120310 New Member

    Hi, d u still employ the maid ? How's your experience ? May i know what agency did u use ? Thank you... :)

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