Malay confinement food and 'pantang'

Discussion in 'Confinement Period' started by soulnezz, Feb 22, 2010.

  1. soulnezz

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    Hi mummies.

    Most threads here talk about Chinese confinement n Chinese food but what about Malay confinement period and the pantangs that old people talk about? Just curiuos cos my mum is the modern kind and according to her I can eat anything, do anything and no pantangs to follow at all.

    I on the otherhand since it will be my first baby, to me no harm to be cautious.

    Thanks lots :)
  2. shirasefira

    shirasefira New Member

    my mum is a modern type too... the person who advise me is my mother in law n my 78yrsold massage 'nenek'... here are some advise frm them which i think very important..

    1) tie black thread to both your 'ibu jari kaki' for the whole cnfinement period-44days so as to avoid being 'bentan'(dunnoe if e spelling is rite?) as 'bentan' is a very serious thing n cn cause death...

    2) no cold drinks n limit your drink to onli one cup per day so as not to have bulging tummy..

    3) eat e medicine doc prescribed n eat e jamu for after birth for 44 days.. (tips-jamu is very heaty, for those breastfeeding, lift up your breast wen eat the jamu so as not to affect baby...)

    4) mummy n baby-shower onli in e morning with warm water (if u feel sticky in e afternoon, wipe urself with a warm water n all must be done b4 magrib)n mummy -do not sleep during the day to avoid looking very old n haggard..


    no pantang for eating, eat anything you want as long as there's 'bismillah'

    for the baby, she ask me to pack sharp items like needle, nailcutter, small knife, onions and baby's 'tali pusat' to a small bag n placed near baby wen he/she is sleeping....

    n also they told me if your baby is crying nonstop in e middle of e night( baby gt no colic, diapers changed, milk given), they believe there's some evil sipirit disturbing your baby... so they told me to burn peeled onion, n spray vinegar to the whole house.. (dunnoe if you guys will believe, bt there's one night my gerl cries was so diffrnt frm normal hunger or colic cries, hubby did e above method n my baby suddenly stop crying..)
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  3. Smiley22

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    Hi Shirasefira

    Do you know of any malay confinement nanny that can stay with you for at least a month?
  4. shirasefira

    shirasefira New Member

    hi so sorry i dunnoe any nanny tat cn stay together for 1mth... maybe i cn recommend my massage 'nenek'???
  5. tika

    tika Active Member

    its tough to strictly follow tradition and our religion because some facts clash. things like pack sharp items like needle, nailcutter, small knife, onions and baby's 'tali pusat' to a small bag n placed near baby wen he/she is sleeping.... kalau tak salah is considered syirik according to our religion. So if you are particular about things like that, I think its best to consult an Ustazah. Kalau tak, go ahead aje. :p

    for me, i did not really do any traditional confinement but i did take care of myself. If i remember correctly, i wore socks/slippers at home so my feet won't masok angin, i'll eat anything as long as its healthy and not in the list of allergens (mine was csect so gotta be careful sikit with what i eat in case keloids start to form on my wound. tak lawa betol tu keloids.) I ate jamu too cos its really good for us. I took brand essence chicken as well. I did not use barot on my baby's perot because the barot refuses to stay at the perot area. End of the day it always teropol under my baby's ketiak. Very annoying. My mother warned me baby's pusat will protrude out and her perot will kembong. Dah 5 bulan...pusat masih lepeh je...perot pun macam biasa je....

    My mom said jgn makan chicken, kena makan kering-kering not soupy, cannot drink too much water, especially cold water nanti perot kembong, etc. But when i compared her food pantangs to chinese's confinement dishes, the latter encourage eating chicken and lots of soup for breastmilk production. It was pretty confusing. Hahah. But i do agree on the cold water part. I drank cold water for 2 weeks after delivery and my tummy felt bloated like i was heavily pregnant again. :elvis:
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  6. jeinthiangel

    jeinthiangel New Member

    How about any Indian confinement rules? anyone here to share?
  7. thepinkdot

    thepinkdot Well-Known Member

    tika.. chinese confinement actually do not encourage eating of chicken only until 2nd week.. 1st week of confinement no chicken eating. =) that's the really traditional way.. now everyone modern.. after 2-3 days start eating already.

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