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    Manissa Mohd from Website Disabled owes $$
    All mothers, if you have sign up for a massage with this lady,Ms Manissa Mohd (hp 8101 4039) kindly note that she owes me money.

    I signed up with her for confinement services. I paid $2600 for 30days but the nanny she assigned to me was irresponsible.She ran away after 3 wks in the middle of the night. Leaving my children unattended. When I asked Ms Manissa to refund or replace she just put the blame on me. She said I gave my nanny too much face.

    As a service provider and in her contract Ms Manissa is supposed to replace a nanny but because she is not a sincere person she ignores me till today.Never reply my calls or sms-es.

    She did not even apologise or call me and talk to me personally for a solution. Instead, she gave the phone to a man called Raden (who could be a conman or crook)and he told me that the contract has expired. In reality Ms Manissa verbally agreed to end the contract for 30days. Very unreliable, arrogant and not to be trusted.

    So basically she owes me money for the days that the nanny did not come to work. My husband and I have informed her and she is aware that she owes us 8 days of service which is equivalent to $694.

    I hope some mothers out there can remind her that she still owes me that amount and shud refund immediately. That is our hard earned money and we would like to have it back. She calls herself a professional but she doesn't behave like one. If she is a professional businesswoman she should be embarrassed and refund immediately for her bad service.

    Btw she also advertises under another company called
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