Many Giveaway via Post


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Giveaway via post @ $1.80 postage & handling fees per item.
No meet up as currently busy decluttering stuffs
Interested, please private message me. Thanks.

Brand New Items:

(1) Brand New in Box Heart Shape Gift Box for Small Gifts

(2) Brand New Mini Black Photo Frame

(3) Brand New Sealed Butterfly DIY Sands Craft
Packs of Coloured Sand Included

(4) Brand New Sealed Pair of Ear Plugs with Mini Box & Keychain
Good for traveling & for good sleep

(5) Brand New Silver Adjustable Ring

(6) Brand New Claire's Pair of Blue Crystal Earrings

(7) Brand New Beaded Necklace / Bracelet / Anklet
3 Ways to Wear

(8) Brand New Pack of Pendants to Make Jewellery / for Crafts

(9) Brand New Sealed Pair of Men Working Black Socks (Size 42-48)

(10) Brand New Pair of Sleeping Socks

(11) Brand New Sealed Pair of White Socks (Very Good Quality)
Need a good wash as there are storage marks

(12) Brand New Tweety Bird T-Shirt (10-11Y)
In good condition except for storage marks as kept in wardrobe

(13) Brand New Foldable Shopping Tote Bag

(14) Brand New Transparent Pouch for Toiletries for Traveling

(15) Brand New United Airline Pouch

(16) 2 x Brand New CNY Pouches from Sheng Siong

(17) Brand New Shokubutsu Anti-Aging Facial Foam for Dry Skin (18g)

(18) 2 x Bottles Brand New Hand Moisturizer (35 ml each)

(19) Brand New Bottle of Nourish Spa Line Refreshing Mint Mouth Wash from Canada

(20) Brand New Sealed Body Scrub

(21) Brand New Sealed Body Sponge from Japan

(22) Brand New Spa Bath Fizz + Reusable Shower Cap

(23) 5 x Brand New Shower Caps

(24) Brand New Sealed Beauty Kits
Plastic Case with Emery Board / Cotton Buds / Cotton Pads & Shower Cap

(25) Brand New Sealed Tampon

(26) Brand New With Box Regular Protection Pad

(27) 5 x Brand New Sealed Shavers

(28) Brand New Sealed 3M Disposable Body Static Removal Strap

(29) 2 x Brand New Scoop for Washing Detergent

(30) 2 x Brand New Mug Cover / Cap

(31) Brand New Cute Smiling Doggy Soft Toy with Strap

(32) Brand New Gorilla Soft Toy with Strap

(33) Brand New Hard Greeting Card

(34) Brand New Mickey Mouse Paper Bag from Hong Kong Disneyland

(35) 3 x Brand New Soap Bars

Preloved Items:

(1) Very Good Condition Barbie Magazine for Children

(2) A Booklet of Stickers (16 Pages with Different Stickers)

(3) Good Condition Small Handbag / Lunch Bag

(4) Tulip design Umbrella Cover from Japan

(5) 1 x Mini Glass Bottle of Scented Beads + 1 x container of Scented Beads
No More Scent. You can spray perfume for the scent

(6) McDonald's Snoopy Figurine Toy

(7) McDonald's Robort Figurine Toy

(8) McDonald's KungFu Panda Figurine Toy

(9) McDonald's Winnie The Pooh's Friend Roo Figurine Toy

(10) McDonald's Pokemon Turtle Figurine Toy

(11) Johnson & Johnson Powder (Used Twice) 140g

(12) Car Blind Spot Mirror

(13) Fabric Tote Bag