maternity underwear and bra


Where did you get your maternity underwear and bra from?
Do you choose nursing bra over maternity bra ?

Or do you just get bigger cheap bras with large bands and straps
to replace your maternity bra ?

Do share your experiences. :)


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erm...seriously i didnt buy any maternity bras i juz wear my normal bras during my pregnancy


i got mine from Perfect Mummy at Raffles place,tried it and it was not bad for the price,i think one is abt $33 for the day which can be use for tube tops or......etc.As for teh night one its abt $23(but hv to get the pkg then its this price)


Didnt get maternity panties. Just wear my usual ones.

Got my nursing bra from MIM & KP. Still wearing those from MIM on weekends cos nurse DS easier. Those from KP too big for me liao........gave to cousins who give birth after I did.:Dancing_wub:


I didn't buy maternity bra or panties, just wear as usual only bought bra extention for my usual bra.


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i bought normal bras, but no underwire....n bought bigger cup size...
for underwear i jus buy normal L size instead of my normal S size lor....


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I wear both maternity and regular - La Senza at VivoCity has great maternity/nursing ones that don't look medicinal. (meaning you'll still feel sexy)



bring back memories, when i was preggy.. i used spring maternity,mothercare maternity wear..
for maternity bras, i only love mothercare one. and so does my nursing bras. they are really comfortable!
i stil have them w me now... haha can re-use for ehem ehem if im preggy again......


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I wear thong everyday. When preggie, should I stick to thong or ahma undies to be more comfy? If i wear the undies, should it cover the bump or should get those that rest under the bump?


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I tried using my old ones until about 5 months preggy when i grew too big, and it just got uncomfortable.
I got my supplies from Home page . Service is good.


Is up to u actually,

I wore pregnant undies when I was pregnant. I find it my tummy more comfortable & warm, some more old folks believe is good to cover ur navel when u r pregnant which I don't mind to follow. And some of the pregnant undies comes with a bit of tummy support.

I do wear maternity bra, coz I breast feed my baby and I find it more convenient and comfortable using it. Coz when I wear normal bra during special function n when I try to breast feed my baby, I find myself a bit clumsy.

Both I got it from my supplier


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Thanks for sharing. My sis also told me better to wear preggie undies. Just ordered some from They have some cheap maternity pants too.


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