Merely Ice Cream @ Sunshin Plaza & Our Tampines Hub

Started exactly ten years ago by Tham Ying Wai together with two former secondary school classmates, Merely Ice Cream is as straight shootin' as it sounds, selling pretty much, well, just ice-cream (duh). Though the owners themselves will have folks made au courant of how fiendishly finicky they are about what goes into their heat-beating creations, for almost everything gets pedantically confected from scratch using a panoply of only the freshest this, that, whatever and ever amen. 100% natural so they strenuously avow, totally devoid of any artificial bling blang blah.

Merely Ice Cream currently operates two outlets at Sunshine Plaza and Our Tampines Hub (which we visited one recent oppressively torrid weekday afternoon). Standard flavours cost $3.80 per scoop, while those tagged "premium" shall incur an additional $0.70. Do also feel free anytime to cone/waffle up for $1/$3.50 each.

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