Milk intake for 3 mth old BB

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  1. Elaine010

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    Hi Mummies,

    DD milk intake drop from 90ml to abt 60ml for past one wk, she seem liked not interested to drink milk. She only drank when half awake...:nah:

    When she is awake, she will fight and push away the bottle, cry her lung out.

    Once the bottle out of her sight, she stopped crying, i wonder is it my milk taste so bad??:err:

    But when she half sleep, she slowly can finished abt 60ml of BM, tried to give

    her more but she cannot finish and throw away.

    Got no choice must carry and pat her to sleep then can feed her, very


    Any mummies out there can help?
  2. Cream

    Cream Member


    Have you tried giving her formula milk or is she on total breast feeding?
  3. Elaine010

    Elaine010 Member

    I pumped out my milk and my mom will feed her during the day, night will be direct latch on, she only waked up once around 2am for milk, sometime she can sleep thru the nite without feed.
    My supply was just enough for her, pumped out abt 90 - 100ml every 3 hourly. During the first month, she actually can drink up to 100ml every 3-3.5 hourly, only by 2nd mth after she got her 6 in 1 jab then she lost her appitite, but now already 3 mths only drank 90ml... This morning she managed to finish 90ml, but just now only drank abt 70ml.

    So worried, her weight still the same as last week, 5.6kg. That time when she took the 6 in 1 jabs she weight it normal? i need to bring her to see doctor?
  4. lostinsingapore

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    My 4-mths old baby nephew is on formula cos the mum had to go back to work. He drinks about 5 ounces, sometimes 6 ounces, every 3-4 hours....averaging about 24-28 ounces per day. He has gained about 1kg/month since birth, and the paeds says that's okay. He's not a fat baby :-( but a lanky one.

    My friends have said that every baby is different. A friend has told me before that one of her babies would only drink milk when he was half asleep, and so they had to time the milk feeds accordingly and quickly pop a bottle in him once his eyes started drooping!

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