Has anybody sent their children (Or are attending their courses) to Mindchamps? Any comments, positive or negative are welcome.


therefore i intend to find out more before sending her..posted in another forum also..no response..was hoping there will be at least some response here.


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I did send my DS to Mindchamps for "My Little Champs" for under 6 in the 1st batch.

Just some feedback from the discussion with the other parents in the same class.

Most of us were glad the 30 sessions were finally over. :p Per my observation, i find that those parents who had never sent their children for playgroup found that they enjoyed the classes and hence benefitted a lot. For those of us who had this experience of sending our children to other schs, we were bored at times with the activities and disappointed that with the high fees we paid, that was what we got... extra homework for parents which we struggle to find time to complete every week. *hehe*

Of course, i wouldnt say we totally didnt benefitted, for those of us who were well-read. The discussion with parents and the trainer helps give gentle reminders to us and reflect how we want to parent our child. And for parents who barely spend time with their children, it's another form of bonding for you and your child but i'm sure with creativity with the sum of $ you pay for the course, you can do much more.

I must say i like that they compile the work we did together in class and snap photos for us in file as well and meeting other wonderful parents. We did have fun though i must admit it was a drag for me and hubby at times to go to Mindchamps and occasionally find excuses not to go. *hee* (this never happens with my daughter's playgroup which we were always happy to go).

On the whole, it's an experience for me and my family that i think i never regretted going through but secretly feel that the $ could be used for better activities and things.

As for the classes from Primary School, i have heard mostly positive comments from the parents i know that have children attending those sessions. Wouldnt mind giving a try when my son and daughter's older but definitely won't send my daughter for the classes under 6. :p


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I attended the free seminar, just to learn more about it.

To sum up my visit:
1) Good marketing and promotional skill/technique.
- Visitors who come will be 'WOW'ed with those motivational posters and slogans.

2) Company prioritizes heavily on professional image
- eg: having some Caucasian staff at the reception area, staff in tailored suit and jackets, at a peek, it looks like those time-sharing office @ Shenton Way/Orchard.

3) Convincing songs + melody prior to talk.
- i guess the motive of having such rhythm is to uplift motivational spirit. Yeah, it works but only for a short period of time.

4) Good, convincing speakers
- relied on speaker with initial mediocre background but who later rised to achievements (yup, speaker boasted on his condo apt, his SUV, his overseas stint, his number of talks, publicised his education grades to us....strangers ???? hmmmm!)

5) Evidences and testimonies
- During the seminar, some current students would be invited to show the skills they have acquired. At the head office, everywhere one turns, there are customers' testimonies and lots of figures that MC has done this and that on posters.

6) Techniques
- amazing techniques...but seriously these type of educational centres rely heavily on Mnemonics and other easily available studying techniques which one can obtain online. Need the patience to learn it though.

or ask the school teachers instead. It's free! I'm sure some teachers have imparted similar skills to students....just a matter of whether the students listen and follow or not at all. :err:

At the end of my session :nah: Go and attend to verify my comments above.



hey, man. may i ask you a question about your topic?


I've a few $20 voucher from mindmax which is similar to Mindchamp to be given away.Anyone who's interested do PM me.


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I've read about it in the papers...you could call them at 6828 2688. They are located at Toa Payoh. Actually I called them the other day..they always have talks for parents..you could book a place and listen to them.

I did not go for the talks cos in my inquiry to them I asked for the price and it quite steep for me...

I tried calling another one called MindMax ...they seemed quite reasonable and they stress on brain training for children. I thk I would enrol my 2 kids there.

Moms, Update!


Hi, Parents,

Just saw the advertisement of mindmax on the newspaper. May I know if you have sent your child there? how is the result?

I am interested to know:
- How the lessen being conducted?
- Hong long is one session?
- Except for mental cal. spelling, math skill, what other skill they teach? such as mindchamp will teach 'mindmapping', 'linking memory', etc...
- Any feedback from tampines branch?

Thanks a lot!


hi, pardon me, what's mindmax? and what's this $20 vch for?
The course is quite similar to mind champ.The voucher's for the deduction of the fee.You can go for trial class or prsentation.There's a new branch in Bishan now.Call them for enquiy.

All the best.


I called the mindmax hotline. They claim that they are NOT similiar to mindchamp.
mindchamp focus on the method, they are focus on the training through activity.
price increase from $900/24 lessens last year to now $1240. I read somewhere that they were $700 before.

Well, Despite the exp fee, I didn't get satisfy answer from the sales person. She seemed not knowing much about their program or maybe don't bother to answer my questions. When I asked of give me an example of what kind of activity for training memory, she just said it used cards and difficult to explain.

If any parents has tried their trial lessen or enrolled your child there, pls share your feedback here. Thanks.


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I did sent my son for "Mind Champs" for the primary level. He can't wait for the program to be completed. As a mother, i was totally stressed out sending him to attend classes every weekend. I am looking forward to the end of the 30 sessions.

My advise to the Mothers out there - "Does your kid really need to go through such a program?" Do you have the time as a parent to check on your kid's progress after each lesson. If you do not have the time to follow up, leaving it to the tutors and your kid, this program may not work.

The classes for the parents were good but the follow up was not there.

Once they had the 3 evening sessions that my son had to attend (Wed to Fri). I was totally stressed out - having to rush home from work,picked up my son and sent him to the class. I gave the feedback to the staff at Mindchamps that such evening classes should not be conducted due to morning classes and piles of homework, not mentioning tests and spellings that my son has to do during the weekdays. The reply from the staff was "if your son has been doing recall everyday, that should not be a problem right? but don't worry we will take your feedback in".

Parents - please do not be taken in by the "good show" at the start. Think carefully before you sign up. Your time with your children is still the best. Nothing can replace that.



good to hear some frank feedback.

Except for the time constraint, do you see whether you son has learnt anything or skill from the program? pls share.


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i know that this the question had been asked 2 years ago, but i thought that i'd like to share my experience. i was in MindChamps in the year 2007, and i would truthfully say that it will not be very effective for primary school students, as they do not need to memorise much. however, it would be good for secondary school children, and it can help for subjects like literature,history,geography and even science. the cost of the lessons are expensive, but i would say that i benefitted from the course. moreover, it made me to be a much more confident speaker. however, this definitely depends on individuals, as some do not benefit as much as others. it's a matter of whether he/she is willing to apply the techniques or not. (yes, as you might've already realised, i'm not a parent, but a student)


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My niece went for it a couple of years ago. I think the motivational part of it worked for a while. But unfortunately she is back where she started, ie. really bad grades... failed in half of all her subjects. I really think there is little such courses can do.