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my son has tried mindchamp, and personally, i think it is a good course. however, i dont't think mindchamp is suitable for everyone, especially not for those with learning difficulties. i have also tried cma, kumon, shichida and some others, still with not much results. then i realised through my friend about some brain training which actually tune the brain so the child can be smarter. my son who is in p3 is currently having private brain training at home and he has since scored above 90 marks for all his subjects. the training is not dry as the trainer uses a lot of manipulatives, not so much on pen and paper. my son could concentrate and think so much more and he likes doing maths olympiad. our chinese is not so good as we dont't really speak that at home, but still he scores above 90.

i am even thinking of letting my daughter do the private brain training as she is going into p1 next year.

Hi Longvale, can I have the contact and details of the trainer too? Thank you.

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Hi, would like to share with all current P6 mummies my experience this year when my son comes to age for his PSLE 2012. I was frantic he has no problem with the other 3 subjects except chinese. I’ve tried since his earlier primary 3 levels countless to tuition centers including individual tuition (all current teachers from branded schools), but non works. He barely makes his marks hovering at 50++ . When he was into his 1st week of P6 he scored grade “E” (less than 30 marks) in his class test. I was frantic.

I have one last chip in my hand (1 last yr before PSLE) As time is of an essence I need to seriously consider 2 issues; (1) his last tuition before PSLE exam must be according to MOE Test Syllabus (2) Teacher / Tuition centre must already have an existing reliable tested program to help the students to pass. I’m very desperate and will do anything as long as my son would pass!

I took a stab in the dark for MC. There are varies PSLE courses offered, subject base (i.e. Chinese, English Math, Science) and MC's Stairway to Championship Workshop focusing on the brain development, memorising and recalling techniques, not any primary school subject tuition.

I signed him up for Chinese subject. The centre called the teachers - trainers. PSLE exam Syllabus covers all lessons taught and Syllabus in the text books from P1 to P6, my son will have a lot of books to study. The trainers summarize and compress all the 6 yrs Syllabus into a 2 ½” thick arch file, whereby the trainer handout a specific summerise topic at every lesson (altogether 30 lessons). My son needs to dutifully go through the summerise notes for about 20~30min every day. His scored an “A” for his PSLE chinese . I am amaze. He should have done better to achieve “A*” had he been hardworking to revise his notes everyday.

In my option, the MC subject program is tailored to ‘examination train’ students to pass / score (depending on the diligence of the child to fulfill the 20 ~ 30 min of revision everyday.) My son’s grade improved from an “E” in January to a high PSLE “A” grade. I must admit and attribute his high grades to the summerised notes handout by MC without which he’ll never score in his Chinese subject (he has never scored a A in all his 6 yrs or primary school) and thus improve in his overall aggregate marks to give him the opportunity into a better Secondary School

However one word of caution, as I mentioned my son is ‘exam trained’, his foundation is like a stack of cards, stack high to achieve the objective target but is also ready to crumble at anytime. Have checked with MC they do not offer subject program for Secondary school. I’ll still have to face the old problem again next year.

For all those desperate mummies out there, there is still hope to achieve better PSLE grades in coming 2013 exam, be it MC or others, chose wisely and with the right training program and right amount of diligent hardwork the child should fair well in exam.


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Hi longvale

If you dont't mind, could you please share more info on the private brain training (Cost, the training, contact details etc)? Is the trainer able to teach kids with some learning disabilities?



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MindChamps voucher

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Hi Longvale, could you please share the contact of the pte brain trainer with me? My P5 kid is dyslexic and I'd like to find out if this trainer could help him achieve an overall improved learning capacity & grades - Andychoo72@gmail.com. Thanks


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Brain Trainer's contact

Hi Longvale,

would appreciate it if you could send the contact details of the brain trainer to me:
Or andychoo72@gmail.com



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Hi longvale, im new. And the reason why i sign up to dis site coz i saw ur thread bout the 'private brain training' you claimed.
What had brought me here reading the forum was MindChamp. I just attended their talk last week. And was trying to find out more feedbacks (negative ones, of course) from parents about MindChamps. They promised blinks and butterflies. But i believed there's more than meets the eye. Moreover, every kid works diffrently so i wont vow that MindChamps works on every kid.

So, back to this brain training.. Im interested to let my boys attend it.
Why? They cant seem to store information well. I self taught my kiddos at home. No other academic help. What i see, things that i taught em 2 days ago, they cant recall wen i gave them the same exercise again. I have to give some hint (at times, almost giving the whole solution) only then it jolt their memories.

Can u kindly pm me the contact of the private brain trainer asap, super PLEASE? Im finding ways to make improvement in their results this coming mid year exams in 2 weeks time as they failed miserably in their CA1 exams. Their first ever failed exam! Which never happen before.

Million thks, Longvale.



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Hi gals, e trainer has registered his company recently. U can go facebook n look for him. His page is called ingeniusity.


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new here :) son is P3, looking to enrol him into a program like Mindchamps, but came across I Love Learning Achievement Center instead. Anyone heard of them? I understand they are new, but their program seems interesting, would like some comments. I've signed up for their trials, hopefully it's good


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ok, no one replied me -_-' guess they really new that's why... me went for the trial, kid loved it, sitting on the gym balls, he really did learn more wor! Usually when he come out from classes I'll ask him what did you learn today, he always couldn't answer me and brush me off with "the usual things loh"... yea... very 'enthusiastic'... but after the trial at I Love Learning, he could actually tell me specifically everything he had learnt! something they did must have been right... i've signed up for the program... will come back to review it! really hope it's money well-spent... they a bit ex... coz it's twice a week :err:


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Hi Ladies.

Have u heard of Genius IQ programme by Learning Discoveries ? Featured in a magazine and paper before. They use methods of Adam Khoo and MindChamps and they cost way way way way cheaper than those. Also offers positive parenting classes on top of that. They are having another session this 13 April. Anyone interested can just beep me at 84503472 and I'll help reserve seats. 6 dollars for your whole family.
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I agree that there is no single program that suits all. My word of caution though for programs that claim to be able to do what known brands can do at a cheaper rate. I question if they have any education research background to be able to teach my kids. I rather pay a bit more to be assured that the people teaching my kid are real educators that have sound and proven teaching methods.

Imagine if you choose a wrong education place for your child, you can't get back the time spent. So I rather choose those who have proven track records.

Imagine if you choose a wrong education place for your child, you can't get back the time spent. So I rather choose those who have proven track records.
Hi, I am Jeslyn and currently provides tutoring and cognitive training programs for children with rates that are definitely cheaper and more affordable. What differentiate me from others is that my tuition classes include cognitive activities. I also provide full intensive and structured cognitive training. Do visit https://www.facebook.com/brainmindsters to find out more =)