Misbehaved children?


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is the kid like this to everyone or just his playmate?if its just playmate maybe he doesnt like him.


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honestly speaking, my 2yr+ nephew behaves much more well than this 30mth old one. ds pushed my nephew as 'playing' with him, i scolded ds, and expect my nephew to turn ard to 'scold' him or what but he didnt. he just sit there. and i heard tt if younger kids 'bully' him, he wont fight bk. very brotherly =)


jasobias > i dunno if he behaves d same way towards other kids or not. i did ask his mom abt it but d way she ans, it's like d way her son behaves is v norm.


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once Baber was looking at a berri cute 10month old little gal lOlzzzzzzz, and she suddenly juz pinched his face lOlzzzzz

Surprised to see Baber so brotherly juz stood there and let her pinched lOlzzzzzzzzzzzzz


apollo > ya lor. mine will insist but alw lose. den end up sit there cry lor. i think dat 30mth old suffer when w his cousins. so learn 2 defend himself.


cacan > i think baber didnt expect to b pinched by his dream girl. HAHAHA... maybe he expected a kiss fr her.


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Erm its either his parents have not taught him not to do so or he is just being rebellious...
But quite probably that he is hyperactive and may not even think what he is doing is wrong.
Especially the one where he bangs into ppl and squeezes through...

Phoebii Cheng

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cancan > ya . dat's y it made me wonder if i shld teach my boy to defend himself now at this age (esp now dat he's in cc). cos all d while i feel he shld learn to share n give in 1st. next time grow older then teach him to defend. easier to do dat also cos by then he un more things already. but i c my sis son behave like dat, n also think back d way my boy kena bully in sch, made me wonder if i shld expose my boy to all these defence.

phoebii > my boy also will fight back d toys if kena snatch but i alw ask him give in. in d end, he alw lose out. in his prev sch, also got 1 big bully. after dat he also dont want go sch. dat's y after c my sis son behavior, i start to think if it's norm, shld i educate my son to defend himself also.
I think your sis shd sit down & really spend time with her son to talk to him. Communication bet parent & child is impt in their development and I agree with CCM tht if a child being bullied in sch shd inform teacher, teach your son tht......

Actually a lot of parents got this mentality tht "aiyah they r still young lah, it's like tht one" When my brother's son used my son's tricycle and ran over my son's leg, making him cry. My bro did not even ask his son to apologize to my son, just simply bring him back to the room....later I told my brother, but his reaction is as above, up till now his sons behind the parents back always misbehave, hit the maid, spit at the maid, throw tantrums etc

I told my brother, it's my son's leg tht is being run over, that's why u say this, but if it happpens to your son how would you feel?

Tht time when his son spit at me at my face, my hubby told my nephew off and say will slap him. frm then on don't allow his son to go near my hubby....

So I guess you won't feel it if it does not happen to you......


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By nature, kids usually will give in to younger kids.
Like my boy, he's active & quite mischevious. But when he play with younger kids, he'll let them win.

At 30mths, they are at the age where they like to test boundaries. And if parents are not fierce or strict, they can go out of hand very easily.


apollo > dat's wat i suspect cos my sis did complain to me b4 dat when her son is younger, d cousins (even d gals) will bully him, snatch toys away fr him n stuff. cos aft seeing wat happen yest, i cant believe dat my sis (a teacher) will actu educate her son to become like dat. i kept trying to find out wat went wrong, is it my understanding abt raising a child wrong, or i see my sis's method too up liao. i kept asking myself, y my nephew becomes like dat.

den while chatting here, i thot of his cousins n their behavior. seriously suspect my nephew learn fr them. i guess sometimes too many cousins to play w, also not gd. my boy only got 1 cousin (dat's my sis son), i think, good also. HAHAHA...

littlehelper > he's usu more scared of my sis but i think cos she's doing her confinement now, she got no energy to scold him. u know guys la. how many really un d importance of such education n discipline? moreover, their son mingle those cousins more. he wasnt so hooligan last time. i mean boys naturally r playful but nv so 'over playful'. i'm sure he knows he's wrong. cos when we scold him once, he still cont.

phoebii > my sis is doing her confinement now, so i think she got no energy to discipline him. only ask her hb scold but my sis told me b4 dat her hb tend to spoil d son. so scold like nv scold like dat. like action action only.

ya lor. i suspect my parents think he behave like dat is normal cos boy ma. so when my boy cry, they str away say my boy crybaby. dunno how to make my parents un. dun wan them to misunderstand my intentions.

i guess i'll explain to my boy when i got chance. time will prove to them dat their mindset is wrong.

stonston > ya lor.. esp those kids who alr started sch. teachers will teach them to give in to younger kids. dat's y i was shocked to c d way my nephew behaves towards my boy (who's younger). i cant imagine how he's gg to 'abuse' his younger bro (who's only weeks old). aft talking it out here n some analysis, i think 2 main causes for his bad behavior r d cousins n d new member in d family (my sis who has been d 'discipline master' cant really discipline him). SIGH!!!

want to talk to my sis abt it. but dunno if she'll get defensive or not. cos she can b real stubborn n yaya esp abt educating kids cos she think she's teacher, so know better.


I think it's good to let your sis know...you're so close to her all the more you should let her know that the way her son's behaving is making you uncomfortable...

ask her does her son gets bullied by his cousins? tell her her son's treating your son like enemy....does he like playing with him? n your son's very scared whenever you say you're going to her place...

take videos when he n your boy are playing together n show your parents that your boy has been bullied by him all along...not that he likes to cry...

if i were you i'd also behave like Ting...will give him a piece of my mind...don't care in front of the parents or not...he's your sis's son all the more you should be firm about it...it's for his own good too...
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ottermum > i did tell him off a few times but he still cont. i also wan to jus scold or tell him off. but easier said den done la. cannot so selfish make our weekly family gathering ugly,.. moreover, i'm at their house, i dun wan go overboard or cause any unhappiness. sekali my bil not happy (who vvv protective over his son), cos of dat, quarrel w my sis (who's doing confinement now). not nice lor. so dat time i can only protect my boy. due to d circumstances n situation i'm in, really diffi to jus say or do watever i wan w my nephew.

i cant take vid cos once i take my hp out, he'll come n snatch it away fr me.

now dat i've analysed everything n confirmed dat my mindset abt raising a child is not wrong, really need talk to her. hope she wont be defensive abt it. u know some teachers think they r better than other parents jus cos they r d teachers. so when talk to them abt educating their kids, they'll think 'wat qualification u hv to tell me how to educate a kid?' i hope she wont b like dat. :p moreover, all d while, our method of upbringing a child rather diff. n she alw think dat my way is not right. ask too much, she'll think i kpo.

meanwhile i'm gg to post some articles on this. let her read. hopefully she'll get it.
I think there's nothing wrong in helping ur sis in disciplining her son, ur nephew. And dun assume that teachers will be better mothers.

When my nephew was 2 or 3 yrs old, he always like to shout and scream and I was sleeping in the afternoon cos I worked night shift. Sometimes he was so loud and my parents they all also never scold him or ask him to stop. End up I had to get up from my bed and scold him myself. Well, he cried. But I don't care. I also blame my parents for not instilling discipline. A few years later, his little sister also joined in the screaming/shouting. I scolded both of them and they both cried.

The thing was, my brother and sil knew that I scolded them a lot of times liao. They also never say I was wrong or tried to correct me.

Now, my nephew is in primary one and everytime he sees me, he will put his hand on my pregnant tummy and smile. (Maybe he's plotting revenge? hehehe) But now he is a well-behaved kid, along with my niece.

If he is ur relative, all the more u should teach him on his parents' behalf. Maybe not scold lah, but at least must tell him repeatedly it's wrong or cannot. Maybe next time ur sis might even thank u for it.