*Miss Koh 2017 CL & HCL Tuition - Award-winning CL Teacher / Ex-HOD / Ex- Level Head

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Miss Koh's 2017 Chinese and Higher Chinese Tuition Classes (Primary and Secondary) are available NOW! - Group tuition's class size will be small class size.

Miss Koh is an award recipient of the National Inspiring Chinese Language Teacher Award - 全国模范华文教师.

Miss Koh previously had been a HOD and Level Head in schools, had taught at both primary and secondary schools, specialised in teaching Chinese and Higher Chinese and is truly very experienced with excellent teaching credentials.

Miss Koh also has an excellent proven track record of students getting A and A*.

Miss Koh's education qualifications:
1) Master of Arts (Chinese Studies) - NUS
2) Bachelor of Arts (Education, Chinese Specialisation), 2nd Upper Honours Degree - NTU - NIE

All tuition materials are specially designed and developed by Miss Koh who knows very well what type of learning materials will work best for students.

To know more about Miss Koh's profile and her tuition class information, please visit this website: http://www.misskohtuition.com

To enrol your child in Miss Koh's tuition classes, please contact her at 9030 7718 .

Miss Koh's brief introduction:

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