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Discussion in 'Skin Care Beauty' started by CynCyn, Aug 31, 2007.

  1. CynCyn

    CynCyn Active Member

    Anyone has done mole removal ?

    In those beauty saloons ? Those $10/mole kind ?
  2. ^Mami_Jazz^

    ^Mami_Jazz^ Guest

    I need to look for one oso.
    My face got "xiao ren zhi" must remove asap :wong29:

    Bishan Salon 1, the one recommended for eyebrow embroidery has it, but i no time to do :embarrassed:
  3. cendrine

    cendrine Member

    Some old pple's sayings that,
    if you have a mole near around mouth or face
    do not remove it as it may represent wealth or luck
    or it may change ur life ?

    hehe..i wonder how true it is...
  4. ^Mami_Jazz^

    ^Mami_Jazz^ Guest

    Mine is cfm 小人 one liao :001_302:
  5. cendrine

    cendrine Member

    :err::err: how you know?

    u've seen a fortune teller ?
  6. CynCyn

    CynCyn Active Member

    I wonder if they can remove on lips one ? Lol !
    And chest .
  7. ^Mami_Jazz^

    ^Mami_Jazz^ Guest

    ya few yrs ago i went to hkg 王大仙 & was told i hv 小人痣
    true enuf i hv one in office :wong9:
  8. ^Mami_Jazz^

    ^Mami_Jazz^ Guest

    i tink lips will b painful leh :shyxxx:
    Chest never mind lah oni ur dh see :wong29:
  9. LoVeS

    LoVeS Well-Known Member

    eh i tink office are bound to haf xiao ren lah in fact everywhere office aso haf :tlaugh::tlaugh:
  10. cendrine

    cendrine Member

    er..who's ??? arh..hehe
    he very famous is it ? :embarrassed:
  11. maine78

    maine78 Member

    I just removed my mole on my nose coz i see from tv taiwan fortune telling tat if married woman got mole on the nose means her husband will "漏财" coz woman's nose represent husband. My friend working at New York so i did the laser removal free. V fast only take 2mins. My husband removed his fews yrs ago at those pasar malam stalls for $10/mole. But more ma fan
  12. Carol

    Carol Member

    I removed before at Bugis there . Heard from many different fortune tellers that moles under eye means you'll keep cry , meaning miserable life . So I went to remove lo . A bit painful but bearable .
  13. smurferoos

    smurferoos Member


    Not to scare anyone, last time i did a mole removal at a Beauty salon, and after 1 week the mole came back!! :(

    Until i see a dermatologist, then he surgically remove for me, no scar! very good. It has been 5 years already. He says doing it a beauty salon is very dangerous, as it might aggravate it and if suai, later become cancerous!! So better do it at the doc!!! As some mole has roots, so you can't remove the top layer only, you need to remove the whole thing! Hope this helps.
  14. stonston

    stonston Well-Known Member

    my hb did his at GP which specialise in skin...not for cosmetic purposes, but worried e mole might be cancerous lor...doc surgically remove for him, no scar also...
  15. ethans mummy

    ethans mummy Member

    i did my mole removal @a chinese physician shop at chinatown area. They are qualified chinese physicians wz certs & do it wz a kind of chinese herbal cream.
    Fel abit 'hot' wen applied onto ur mole, cnt touch water wen gg to shower at hm lo.. so u juz wipes ur face wz will dried up few days(wks) later(depends size of mole)& will automatically drop off..
    Had recommended my mom, sis, dh & his frds there to do it.
    Not ex though..depends on size lo..hmm abt $20 & abv bah..
  16. CynCyn

    CynCyn Active Member

    Does the beauty saloon only remove facial moles or body moles also can ?
  17. BettyUriegas

    BettyUriegas New Member

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  18. Wendy7788

    Wendy7788 Member

    I did mine at $5 from those beauty shop at bedok shop house. Not painful at all. But it takes about 3 days to heal becus they appear a cream on my mole den will be come dry need to wait it auto drop out.
  19. Charmaine1212

    Charmaine1212 New Member

    Hi Wendy!

    May I know where did you have your mole removed at Bedok?
  20. Dr Sii

    Dr Sii New Member

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