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  1. sailormoon

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    How offen do you all quarrel over money issues?

    we spilt our monthly bills into car n food paid by my hubby. The rest of the items paid by me. That include conservancy fees, child fees and anything related to the house.

    however, hubby is never happy n always bring up the issue about the spilt every 6
    months that he paid more. This is because it is coming from the car installments.

    He owns the car n drives it most of the time. Except to fetch me to work in the morning.
    recently, he want to buy a European car and does not have enough money for the down payment.
    he expects me to pay a portion of it.

    I am expecting that he will ask me for more money for his other car servicing maintenance etc later on.

    ps. I asked him if he would fetch me to work in future if my work location is not convenient to him. He told me no. He will not fetch me to work and expect me to take mrt.

    will you help him to pay some of his down payment and future servicing costs if you are in my shoes?

    He told me that I am not supportive as a wife. Need your honest advice on this
  2. michaellimcc

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    If can't afford European car then drop the idea.
    Why wear a hat that doesn't fit the size?
  3. Vern11

    Vern11 New Member

    Hello. I can understand your problem. My mum is a retiree living on her savings and some insurance gratuity. The upkeep of the household expenses can be quite challenging. We are always on the look-out for cheap and good products, to cut cost. You know, there is only so much I can earn...:001_07:

    We recently discovered a reliable online shopping website, which requires no sign -up fee. The products are really very cheap and are of superb quality - absolute price, absolute quality. They are like an online supermarket. (definitely not China).

    PM me if you would like more info... i'm all for saving $.

    PS: It has been 5 months since your post? Did your hubby ended up with an European car?

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