Mount Alvernia - Feedbacks anybody? Maternity experiences?

Discussion in 'Singapore Obstetricians and Gynaecologists' started by pearlie08, Feb 20, 2013.

  1. pearlie08

    pearlie08 New Member

    I gonna choose Mt. Alvernia most likely..but not sure if it is ok coz previously only have experience from Thomson. Mt. Alvernia seems cheaper now bt dunno whats the recent bill like.

    Any moms for normal w/o epi experience frm Mt. A? any 1bedder?

    Service level?
  2. Pepper12

    Pepper12 Member

    Hi, my bill size ard 3000 plus including medisave. Service lvl quite ok.
    The nurse are friendly too ~
  3. Paigepaige

    Paigepaige Member

    Hi mind to break down the bill? :)
  4. Wendy7788

    Wendy7788 Member

    My natural with epidural 4 bedded 3 days 2 night total bill $4kplus after medisave pay $2k cash . Service very good and nurse very friendly.
  5. Paigepaige

    Paigepaige Member

    $4k plus including doctor fee?
  6. Wendy7788

    Wendy7788 Member

    Nope. My doctor is from dr Koh women clinic at tpy.
  7. icy_haze

    icy_haze Member

    Delivered my #1 and #2 at Mt A. My #2 was normal w/o epi. Just delivered my #3 via normal w/o epi at TMC in Jan. My experience and stay with MT A wad a pleasant one for both my 2 stay there. The nurses were friendly and professional. The wards are nice even for 4 bedded. Unlike TMC. Stayed in 2 bedded and the ward was rather old and the air condition wasnt really working. Couldn't feel the
    air Conditioning though I set it at 18 degree. In the end, I decided to discharge 1 day earlier. My stay at TMC wasn't a pleasant one. Nt only was the ward nt up to expectation, my encounter with the security guard, the admin personnel and the mid wives at TMC wasnt good too. Regretted not choosing Mt A for my #3.
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  8. pink2purple

    pink2purple Member

    I delivered at mt A last Dec...assisted (vacuum) with epi. Took the single deluxe room, as they were out of the normal single rooms.
    Bill was about 4k+ (including doctor's fees), deducted via medisave and paid 2k+ cash.

    The nurses were very caring and attentive...overall had a very good stay there. Food was good too...was fed non stop, i felt lol
  9. Pepper12

    Pepper12 Member

    I forgot alr. But I was in two bedded. N I nv take any epidural.
  10. junebug86

    junebug86 Member

    I delivered last Oct at mt A. Normal delivery with epi ajd stayed for 3D2N in single deluxe room. Cash payment is 4k plus almost 5k including gynae fees. Service was good, the nurses are friendly and helpful however the downside was the carpark.
  11. haileybunny

    haileybunny Member

    yes carpark is irritating.. service is v good! i kept pressing the bell for everything like just to off the lights.. if u are breastfeeding, the nurses will help bb to latch on everytime.. i just delivered in Feb.. normal w epi 2 bed.. cash 3+, medi 1+..
  12. Lishan

    Lishan Member

    Hi mummies,

    I am currently looking for a gyne who delivers at Mt A. Any doctors to recommend?
    I'm into my 5th week of my pregnancy. Thanks!
  13. Poppui

    Poppui Member

    Hi pearlie08, I am gonna choose Mt. A and EDD 26 May, i need to pay additional charge to my gynea bcoz she is under TMC.

    Anyone pay for additional charge?

    I heard from my friend, Dr. Koh from TPY cheaper than my gynea, her bill size around 7k before deduction Caesarian epi room 4 bedded at MT. A.

    Hope my info can help u ^^
  14. KiBin

    KiBin Member

    there are lactation consultants in mount A that can help you latch on when you breastfeed your baby.. not sure if other hospitals have that service also...
  15. chanelloo

    chanelloo New Member

    Mt A is under massive renovation now, so now the car park is a prob, but they are offering valet parking so shouldn't be an issue.
    I went the hospital tour last week, some of the wards are quite old and very diff from the pics on their website. But that's not the main concern also la.. haha
    going to choose single room.
  16. KiBin

    KiBin Member

    try checking out the car park situation on a saturday morning..
  17. Ninasky

    Ninasky Member

    My friend went there and was told to park her car at McRitchie Reservoir... so the parking situation could be rather bad....
  18. Wendy7788

    Wendy7788 Member

    My doctor- dr koh from tpy :)
  19. missfoxyazza

    missfoxyazza Member

    Hi Mummies, was wondering if the midwives are really nice?
  20. Paigepaige

    Paigepaige Member

    I'm going for the maternity tour next week! :001_302:

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