Mount Alvernia VS Mount E@Novena


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Hi mummies,

anyone has given birth at either of the above mentioned hospitals?

Am thinking of Novena because of their guaranteed single room pitch but read from other posts that the bills may balloon up a fair bit at the end of the stay and manpower is somewhat lacking at the moment.

Only issue with Mount Alvernia is that they wouldnt be able to guarantee us our choice of rooms and the rooms in the new wing is what we are hoping for. :(

EDD is in mid July so hoping mummies who have tried Novena can offer some reviews of their own stay there.

TIA! :)


gave birth at mount a on Christmas eve, left on 26th. We were able to stay in a single room and what we found good was the care of the nurses. They were also very experienced with infants and were happy to share tips with us - my hubby was always asking lots of things like asking how to swaddle then ask them to check if he's doing properly!

For us as catholics, we also had a communion minister come to give communion + on the day of discharge we had a simple prayer presentation with one of the sisters for our son.

Overall it was a pleasant experience.


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Hi egft, we had our 2nd child at Mt A and it was a good experience. Toured Mt E Novena 2 months ago. The environment felt grand and nice. However the clinics and wards looked deserted. Decided to continue with Mt A.