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  1. Dragonflytochina

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    Hello all,
    I am new on this forum and new in Singapore:Dancing_wub:...

    I have just arrived from Shanghai where Parkway recommended me Dr Rosalind Chong. Does anybody have some info about her (her experience, practice...). I met her twice but I still find difficult to discuss with her indeed.

    Thanks for any comment you may have
  2. Serendipitysays

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    I had my first gyne visit set up for week ten at KKH .. but I got a little anxious being preggy for the first time so I called mt.elizabeth who set an appointment with Dr.chong. It was ok . I was not that comfortable with her and could not ease up during my pap smear :p I guess its an instinct you have when you visit a gyne for the first time that tells you if thats who you want to be delivering your child . i am def going for a second opinion .More over they short changed me on my tablets -Thought the cover says 30 tablets I came home to realize i had just one strip of 10 Iron tablets and they charged me a whopping 500$ for my first visit ! Phew!
  3. softarts

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    who's your doc @KKH?
  4. babeluv

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    This dr chong was the first few gynae I saw years ago. She did a scan and laprascpy for my tubes and she left a piece of the rubber in my viginal, presumably part of the condom they use to cover the stick altra sound machine for scanning. It cause a horrible infection. I went back to see her and I saw her pull that pcs of rubber out of me. Ofcoz she denies everything when I ask her if she left that inside me. Also the specimen she took out frm me during the surgery she said got contaminated by the lap and could not test for results. Can u imagine? The surgery was for nothing and money paid. Actually There are really alot of irresponsible docs out there. I had quite a number of bad experience.
  5. Serendipitysays

    Serendipitysays New Member

    I am glad i changed Gyne's then . I remember her saying that she was doing a pap smear on me when she inserted her speculum as roughly as she could , then try with another one ,just shoving them carelessly.and i could tell the difference since i have had pap smears done before. My reflex was just to tighten up. Then I was given a bill of 500$ which i assumed costed that much coz of the pap smear. Of course we decide to change doctors then and i called the hospital to see if they had my results so i could pass them on to my new doc . Guess what .The claim they never did any pap smear test. I have no idea what the speculum was for then. All this made me loose confidence in the doctor.
  6. babeluv

    babeluv New Member

    Oh my god! It's very typical of her to do that. It's better to change doctor as soon as possible before she cause you any harm. She is not a good doctor and I will never recommend her to anyone.. Take care!
  7. Ninasky

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    This doctor sounds scary....
  8. ganeshkris

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    Myself and my wife had the first consultation with her (mistakenly). We thought older doctors would have good experience and believed choosing her as my wife's gynae is a good choice. She did some talking, took ultrasonic scan, blood test and gave few tablets. But the time spent with her was not convincing for both of us. Anyways, let me pay the bill first. The receptionist gave me a bill for 900 SGD. My god, why the hell do you charge me 900 ? Folks, this was our first consultation to confirm the pregnancy. I never knew i would end up paying this much in the very first consultation. We then switched to an other gynae in raffles. After a week, we went to Dr.Rosalind to collect the blood test results and to get a sign in an insurance claim form (for the 900 spent). Know what, she said she will not sign unless i pay her 150 SGD. She said that's how she charges. She is very money minded and one of the worst doctors i have ever seen in Singapore.
  9. blaquerose

    blaquerose New Member

    I wish I read aneshkris's post before going to this extremely poor excuse of a human being and doctor. Below is a review I did at another forum - I hope more ladies manage to see these reviews and avoid Rosalind Chong at all costs.

    I have just visited Dr Rosalind Chong 3 times over the last 2 months and I would strongly discourage anyone from going to her. She's so obviously a money grubbing woman who cares zilch about her customers - even putting her coldness and poor bedside manners aside, you REALLY don't want to rely on an obgyn who only sees you as $$$$$.

    My sorry story is - I got her name when I called Mount E to ask for any obgyn for a pre-pregnancy checkup. During the checkup she felt cold and clinical. She was extremely particular about asking that we "don't shift her sitting chairs" when we were in the clinic. The bill came up to close to $900 for an ultrasound and a PAP smear, and some consultation. not cheap. she also does not take credit cards without a 3% surcharge. That should have sent a warning sign to me. Her receptionist is also slightly awkward and seems very heckled by her.

    On my second visit, I did an ultrasound (repeat of the first one, to get a second view - at her suggestion), and two injections against cervarix (an anti-cancer vaccine) and Hep-B. This bill came up to $730. During the ultrasound she left the device inside me and walked away for a bit, and it dropped to the floor with a clang before she realised. Extremely uncomfortable all round. Her "cold fish" demeanour became even more obvious this time. Someone called her when I was in her office, and she picked it upbefore realising she was being kept on hold. She opened the door and yelled and lectured her recep at this point for 5 minutes (ironically, on "not to keep a patient waiting in her office") - all while I was in her office, doing... well, yes, WAITING. she also confided in me that the patient on the phone had some serious problem. I mean, TOO MUCH INFORMATION.

    My third visit was the worst. My husband and I are covered by a comprehensive insurance plan, which does require a signed claim form by the doctor each time we claim under it. This time, the money-grubbing Dr Chong refused to sign this without charging me for it. She said the previous two times she had done it for "goodwill". When I expressed incredulity (and please bear in mind all she needs to do is to sign it, because her recep will give me the clinic chop, and the filling up of the one-liner i.e. "Cervarix injection, Dose #2" on the form), she claimed that this claim form constitutes a formal report by her, and she needs to charge for reports. Her opinion of her precious "time" for signing the form... SGD50. On top of the SGD220 injection she has just administered. NO other doctor in Singapore has ever asked us for money to help to sign a claim form - EVER.

    At this point I have resolved never to deal with her again. This unprofessional, money-hungry, and callous b1tch of a doctor has received close to SGD2,000 from me at this point - and she still wants to milk her customers for SGD50 to sign and stamp a Claims form. Her attitude was just so poor and negative that it affected my entire afternoon.

    My only relief is that I am not yet stuck with her and I can STILL CHANGE DOCTORS... THANK GOD.

    Please stay clear of this cold-hearted, money crazy, and sub-par excuse for a doctor. She is just the worst and she does not clear an iota about your well-being. At the end of this nightmare, her receptionist was basically wailing at me - "oh no oh no I should have taken payment from you first because the doctor told me it's payment before injection, I can't inject you without taking payment first". It is the WORST feeling to be subject to this sort of disgusting behaviour.

    STAY CLEAR LADIES. I'll be looking for a new obgyn asap and am glad this forum exists to help us all.
  10. lilalily0970

    lilalily0970 New Member

    Hi! This isn't related to pregnancy, but more on the doctor.
    I recently visited Dr. Rosalind Chong's clinic at Mt. E, and was impressed with the service of the receptionist and the doctor. Over the years, I have went to many doctors for this itch I've had. Some gave me weird looks, and they were one or two who told me it was all in my mind. But when I went to see Dr. Chong, she sympathised with me, and believed my story. She went through all the possible causes of itch, and excluded them one by one until we arrived at the real cause. She then gave me the medication for it, and though it was expensive, it took the itch away, and I've not itched since. I strongly recommend her for any patients who want a detailed explanation!
    She's pretty nice, and I think the fees are pretty reasonable. The other places all charged around the same. The only reason why mine was expensive was due to medication!
  11. Erisa

    Erisa New Member

    Excellent doctor in my opinion! She takes the effort to explain everything and in detail, which many previous doctors don't do so! She also managed to correctly identify what was my condition, which other doctors I visited in the past always just glossed over, saying it was normal. Then, when I was pregnant, she guided me through the entire journey and allowed me to make informed choices regarding my baby. Thanks to her, I had a normal delivery, and have a beautiful baby girl! God bless. Would highly recommend her to any expecting mommies, and to any women with concerns overall!!!
  12. LisaD2990

    LisaD2990 New Member

    Excellent service provided! Dr. Rosalind Chong was patient with her explanations, and assuaged any worries I had with my issues. The nurse was also very warm and cheerful, and there was an overall caring vibe. Yes, the doctor can get quite stern, but I believe that is her way of showing she cares! Really appreciate all that she has done for me!
  13. Beatriceioe

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    MUMMY LISTEN UP ! I am so pissed off with this unprofessional doctor with 3 things.
    Firstly, her instruments are not even sterilized. Her pap smear sticks is left outside and not in sterile packages like other clinic does. She claimed that she practice it for over 10 years, just by soaking into alcohol solution and not autoclave it? Like seriously, who wants that dirty speculum into your private area. I would not want to catch any disease over it, she could have just asked me if i want to pay for a disposable. I would gladly pay for it. Secondly, her charges are sky high and she so pushy for tests. and those are unnecessary tests. Thirdly, She made a appointment for me and she is late by 45mins. And shes constantly on her phone talking while having consult with patients. Never see this gynae again. Please avoid her at all cost.
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