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I realized there is not much information on the above hospital while I was making a decision whether to deliver there, at least no proper review from someone that went through the whole process there and not someone taking the hospital tour.

I delivered my 2nd baby there with the first one at Thomson. So all observations and comments are made compared to my experience in Thomson. So here you go:

Just beside Novena Square and MRT. Easy access for all visitors. Useful if your family need to buy anything from the mall.

Ample parking available. Easy access to lift from all levels of carpark. At night, much more lots available. This one takes the cake as compared to Thomson where parking is full all the time and you have to wait for a long time to pick up the car or take a shuttle bus. The package includes a multi-entry carpark coupon for the husband and 2 pieces of 2hr parking coupon. Parking is also cheaper here compared to Thomson on an hourly basis.

Big, spacious, looks like a five star hotel like what people said. Someone to help you the moment you enter the lobby with the registration. Service is top notch. No fighting for space like Thomson or Mt E Orchard where the lobby is almost non-existent. Have a place place to sit for your visitors.
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Served by Starbucks, an affordable Chinese restaurant (which I did not try so I could not comment on the taste) and Guardian.

Arrived at A&E and was wheeled to the observation ward at level 3 immediately. It is a single bedder unlike Thomson where everyone was piled side-by-side where you can hear people scream, wailing in pain etc. Privacy with private bathroom to change out to the robes while your family member can go down to register and make payment at the business centre.

Thereafter once you are ready, you are wheeled in to the operating theatre while your family members can wait outside for you.
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Once the baby is out, you husband can go with the nurse to level 9 nursery where they will do the weighing and measurement of the baby and then wait in the room for you. Baby is also tagged so when mum and baby is placed together, a musical chim comes on to indicate this is your baby, for security purposes.

Ward and Room:
All single bedders on level 9! Believe that is what most people are looking for so they have privacy and husband can stay overnight together. The maternity ward consist of only 12 beds and only became operational on 28 March 2014 and is only slightly more than one month in operation. The whole hospital and ward was quiet and very condusive for resting. Gives the impression of a high class hotel, so unlike traditional hospitals.

The nurse will give you an access card for level 9. Any visitors that come out of the lift must be assisted to enter the ward, else they will be locked out.
Everything is spick and span. Room is new, big and spacious, bathroom comes complete with toiletries (Crabtree & Evelyn), towels and a big couch for your hubby to sleep on.

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While I was there, there were only a few babies in the nursery which ensures fullest attention to your babies.Nursery was also centrally located in the middle of the ward.

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Variety is good and they will come to you for your selection of food once you are in. However, both of us agree that the food in Thomson taste better. Food was served by a professional butler in a uniform with tip-top service. But it is not enough, more food is just 3 mins walk away at Novena Square, unlike Thomson where there is nowhere you can go without giving up your previous parking lot.

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Nurses answer you almost immediately through the intercom when you press the button for help. At times, they appear almost immediately in your room and help you with everything. Medicine was served on time and baby is wheeled in almost religiously on the dot for you to feed throughout the night. You almost could not fault them on anything on this aspect.

Areas to improve on based on my experience:
1. Although there is an inhouse expert, I was not told how to massage and pump. But it could be because this is not my 1st kid.
2. I was only informed of how to bath for your baby class on the 3rd day I was there. Could be earlier communicated since it could be a good refresher for me, and even more important for 1st timers.
3. Confusion on the length of stay. The pamphlet I receive states C-sec is 3 days. Verbally during the hospital tour, I was told it is 4 days 3 nights as per all others. My husband try and confirm with them and they say will get back to me on whether it is 3 days or 4 days (by the staff at the business centre). They didn't get back and we have to call them again to confirm.

To add to the confusion, as I only came in late at night and given birth at 11pm+, they could not get back to me immediately when was i supposed to be discharged.

In conclusion, it is 4 days 3 nights and not 3 days as stated on the pamphlet.

THE Million Dollar Question! Given the above, how much does it cost with everything all in? More on that in a while.
First, billing is confusing. The pamphlet states the C-sec GA package cost $5.3k thereabout. Hubby paid $8k+ during registration and after deducting Medisave of $3k+, the exact amount he paid was $5.3k+, same price as stated on the paper.

We tried to clarify how come the 5.3k was after medisave deduction and not before. No one could answer me until the next day when someone told me what I paid was the ala-carte price. However, since I am on the package (but who doesn't), the 5.3k is the package price and Medisave will still be deducted from this amount.

I paid $8k+ for a single bedder at Thomson with all fees in (before Medisave) ie Gynae, PD etc in 2012, apple to apple comparison, 4D/3N C-Sec GA. At Mount E Novena, my final bill came up to $9k+ (with all test and optional test for baby) and that's after a discount I was given since on day 1, I was only admitted late at night. Even without the discount, it does not exceed $10k. I have already paid my Gynae's fee to the clinic and somehow it was put into the final bill and hence this amount should be deducted from the final bill (am sorting out with the clinic now). So with that double payment taken out, The final bill is slightly above $8k before the Medisave of $3,900 for mum and another $400+ (if i recall correct) for the baby package. Hence, final cash outlay was $4k thereabout compared to $3k+ for Thomson.

With all new hospitals, it takes some time to sort out the initial issues and given that my baby was one of the 1st 100 delivered there, there are still trying to get all these issues resolved. But with the price I am paying compared to Thomson, it is a no brainer to go with the trusted Mount E brand. Service is top notch and parking is a breeze. If I have a 3rd baby, you can be sure I will be back. But then again, I believe prices would have increased tremendously by them.

So for those expecting, go for a tour and see for yourself. Hope the above helps.

P/S: Above are all based on my experience and I receive no benefits to write the above review.
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Sounds quite awesome! I'm looking around for a gynae. Would you be able to recommend? Maybe PM me, please?


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Hi theedge, thank you for sharing your experience. Any gynae you recommend in Mt.E Novena? could you pls also PM me. Thank you. :)


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almost same experience here although the food really tasted bland and the lactation consultant is kinda hi-bye type.
can only watch videos to learn how to shower and burp baby. No one was at the delivery suite reception at level 3 to receive me with my bags but my wife was admitted at 5am so that's a factor I guess...

Very young nurses (20s) at the maternity level so it might be a concern for some but they are very accommodating and appeared to be quite understanding (unlike older nurses who tend to dis-regard young parents' concerns?) but experience could be a problem I guess so good and bad depending on what you prioritize?

I think the only really negative portion of MEN is that the billing system sucks and the personnel located at level 1 had a very strictly business demeanor. They probably felt that patients who have queries about their hospital bill are idiots and their attitude really showed it. I requested for discharge bill at 9am and they only have it ready by 11.30am. A patient was shouting at the business office staff over what appears to be some insurance claims details where they did not make known to her when I was leaving place.

The billing staff at the maternity level at 9 was a lot more understanding and polite though when I came back on the last day to pick up my girl for her discharge from extended photo-therapy stay. The billing system billed an additional one day photo therapy cost to me and she made the amendment with the staff nurse for me after I raised this additional cost up to her.

I've wrote my fees in the other post so can cross reference in

Would I or my wife choose to stay there again? Why not but only after they managed to sort out their billing issues.
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Hi All,

Anyone who recently gave birth (after Nov'16 as there was a price review) in MNH? Could you share what is your total bill?