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Since topics on blogging,maybe somebody can help me how to buy a domain name and start blogging?
For blog without ad, I like You may buy a domain name through it.

For blog with ads, sign up with a private host (e.g. Bluehost) and try, need to be more IT-savvy.

If not IT-savvy and wants to have ads, then use Blogger. You may also buy domain name through it.

(I have blogged with all 3 options and am now using


arrr... does anyone know how to change blogskin ?? im confuse and how to link... my blog had stuck and jam there... ?? :(


want to change the skin.. im using blogger :) .. very confusing to me @.@ .. Help ......
ok there is 2 ways to change it, the most easier way is go by this
go to blogger design
select template designer
on the left hand side u will see a background design
then u can modify from there.

Let me know if it can't work. Coz if u use customize templates which is design by other people this method may not work. :)