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How old is your child? I've not sent my dear daughter for any music classes yet but I've been reading up a bit and it seems that Kindermusik and Seimpi are not bad.

Recently, i just brought my dd for a trial music class at Staccato You may wanna try out this music school as well.
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Hi Mummies,

I brought my son to Staccato and he enjoy himself. Personally I live the environment and the class is pretty small and they intro different musical instruments. In addition, the teachers there are helpful. But as for Kindermusik, has anyone been there and how was it?


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Hi Mums of toddlers - I run toddler sessions in the East....It's called 'Rhythm-n-Rhymes'.
- Edutainment for toddlers age 1 to 3+yrs every thursday between 5:00pm to 6:00pm
Slide1.jpgRhythm-n-Rhymes flyer 2012.jpg
@ 09-01, The Waterside, 9 Tanjong Rhu Road, Singapore - 436894. Registrations open for 2012!! SMS Noella @ HP: 82004142 OR e-mail for more information! (Facilitator: Professional VO Actor / Jingle Artist / Singer & winner at the Hollywood Film Festival! Check out )

Please click on the collage and flyer above - Actual snap shots taken during the Rhythm-n-Rhymes sessions.....every week tiny tots look forward to a different theme - Besides new songs, percussion fun, hymns, story time and muppet shows, we've covered sharing and caring, friends, saying sorry, good manners, seasons, festivals, animals, handy helpers and more! We recently celebrated Valentines Day ..the kids wore red and pink, learnt the 'I LOVE YOU & other Valentines Day songs, took home a surprise heart with their photo on it for their mums and dads and were told a story of LOVE!! They all had a blast!

As a special promotion - you can sign up for 2 trial sessions at $15 per class (UP: $25).....

Look forward to boogying with the kids soon!

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To tell you the truth, Kindermusik is now dispersed and the quality is BAD! I went to try out a few centres but was totally disappointed with the quality.Furthermore, the materials are expensive! I was recommended by my best friend, so I really wanted to try it and give it a chance.Sorry BFF, I disagree with you.. he he

I chanced upon Our Music Studio at Tanglin Mall on the 3rd floor when I was going to Mother's Work. You should check it out.
The staff are very friendly and the teachers are fantastic! The curricula also, Mainly in English, has Mandarin, Malay and Indian songs. I missed my National Day Assembly during school day.....

Go and check Our Music Studio at Our Music Studio The price is very reasonable at $30 per lesson . When I signed -up the early bird promotion, I even got the cd!


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I checked our music studio up last week and couldn't agree with five of us more .... They are simply marvelous. My son Nicky didn't want to leave after the class! I enjoyed the class a lot too cos I found the teacher's sweet voice quite mersmerizing ( she sang almost throughout the whole 45 min!) and her calm manner was very reassuring to Nicky. I am no music expert but I thought the musicality and gentle stimulation was just the thing I was looking for to give Nicky a head start in music. I also checked out Kindermusik at Rochester mall. Can definitely say that that one's no comparison to our music studio - it felt commercial and the teacher seemed disinterested. No I would say don't waste your time with Kindermusik!

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Really? Did you attend the class at Rochester mall? I'm sorry to have disagree with you. Both my daughter and son enjoyed Kindermusik very much. They often request me to play the Kindermusik CD whenever we're in the car. I guess it depends on individual.


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Hi, i have enrolled my son for Kindermusik since he's about 10mo till now (15mo).
He enjoyed the lesson very much. students ratio is quite big at times, but surprisely the teacher able to capture their attention.
Played the Kindermusik CD at home, he can sometimes do the actions taught during the lesson and sometimes trying to hume the music out too.
But as "White Tulip" has mentioned, its depends on individual. :)


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I wasn't impressed with Staccato. Tried a trial session when my daughter was around 10 months old. The teacher was a young lady. I felt she couldn't engage the children and there were dull lulls in between. That was somewhere in Jul 2011. Things could have changed now.
For a more personal experience and lower student teacher ratio, try
International school classroom music teacher (not private piano teacher type, real teacher). No registration fees deposits hidden costs. Just pay per class. She knows all the teaching methods and reasons behind the songs and movements. She exposes kids to lots of other instruments that she has at home like flute and harp!