my baby keeps screaming !

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  1. pkshl

    pkshl Active Member

    lately, my 6mths+ baby has started to scream & screaming VERY VERY loudly until my ears cannot take it! i felt that i was going to go deaf as theres an instant when i can't hear after he scream!

    Why is he behaving like this? i felt very fedup & helpless when he starts screaming when i cannot calm him down. i do not know is this his growing phrase where babies start to learn how to scream or etc etc?

    i also suspect he might have learn how to scream from his 2 other cousins staying at MIL's house during daytime. i always see his other 2 cousins screaming & its exactly the same scream that he's doing it right now & i get frustrated when i thought of that! the 1st thing in my mind was why didnt my MIL stopped the kids from screaming, now even my son is also doing it!
  2. angelwendy

    angelwendy Well-Known Member

    My nephew also same... scream to the top of his voice till we cannot tahan also...hmmm.. u think u cannot do much..... for me i just let him scream & don't care.... i will walk away....
  3. diymummy

    diymummy Moderator

    My son screams too. When he was 6 mths plus. Then he stopped for a period of time. Now he is screaming again.

    Usually we would tell him not to scream. If he doesn't listen, we will smack his thigh. He would stop, then test test to scream again.

    It could be a growing phase if you know nothing else is wrong, eg, no tummy ache, not hungry etc.

    Initially at 6 mths plus he was screaming because he just learnt that he has a voice. Now, at 1 year plus, he screams because he wants attention.
  4. pkshl

    pkshl Active Member

    its no use even if i smack his thigh, he will scream even louder & his actions will tend to look like he's very angry. im not sure iszit his temper is bad cos he behave like this. my MIL said my baby's temper no good cos he's like want means want, cannot wait.. this normal or just a growing phrase?
  5. Phoebii Cheng

    Phoebii Cheng Well-Known Member

    For 6mths, I think they don't really know anything yet....but still discovering their environment, so I guess it is just a growing phase .....

    My son when he was younger, he also sometimes scream and scream at night, no matter how we pacify him oso cannot then no choice, distract him with cartoons on TV, at first he will still scream and scream then slowly he will settle down.....

    Could it be oso tht he plays a lot in the daytime? or before bedtime he keeps on playing?
  6. Ting

    Ting Well-Known Member

    hmmm, i think its up to individual kids..
    cos pin doesnt scream when she was a baby.
    she will whine abit when she wants milk, but not to the extent od screaming..
    only recently she will do that, think she pick it up in sch or something, but she does it for fun.. when we r playing..
    but hv to agree, keith is still very young now, perhaps he knows tt by screamin he will get attention, thus he does tt.
    try ignoring him, n it shld eventually stop.
  7. pkshl

    pkshl Active Member

    i did ignore him but no use cos he will scream even louder. i tink he wants attention ba, so what i did to stop his screaming now is carry him & i stand in front of the altar, tel him to pray to godness of mercy. funny thing is each time i carry him in front of the altar, he stops crying & screaming, he juz look at godness of mercy...

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