My boy only eats and drink milk when there's ipad


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Hi mummies out there,

need advice here. my son is 14mts old. he only wants to open his mouth when there'a an ipad/ iphone(watching brainy baby).

it has become a practice that everytime, even when is potty trained, he needs the iphone to sit down.

when we give him food, he will hit the spoon or cover his mouth. we did try to read him books and keep his hands occupied. Still, whenever we try to feed him, he closed his mouth tight.

any advice how i can feed him?


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hi, my daughter is like that few months ago. She likes to use her ipad during meal time and sleeping time ending up not sleeping on time. we always tell her it's eating time, no ipad... of course she always cry i just let her cry then she'll stop then after eating i'll give it to her but we didn't eat outside for a while and let her get used with that rule. same goes with us adults at home no ipads during meals. it took a while before she gets used with that rule. during sleeping time or nap time i ask her to put the ipad on the table coz its sleeping time. i just stick to the rule of no ipad and be firm with it. i dont know if this will work with your baby coz mine is abt 32months already. just sharing.


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u need to go cold turkey on the ipad lo..

keep the ipad, he don't wan to eat or drink, let him starve.. only offer him his meals at the allocated mealtimes.. no snacks or what throughout the day.. leave plain water around for him to access freely..

wen he is hungry enough or thirsty enough, he WILL open his mouth willingly..

u can give him the ipad after he finish his meal properly..


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My 24 months old toddler is like that but the teacher noticed that it is starting to affect the way he interacts with the outside world and with real objects. The touchscreen make them want instant gratification. We reduced the time allocated to ipad to less than 30 minutes a day. You will get tantrum and the works and the toilet training will regress. But I second Amulet above. Feed him when he is hungry and he will open his mouth. What has worked with my son as well is to let him try to feed himself no matter how much spills you get. That keeps his hands busy and he doesn't want the ipad if his hands are busy.