My daughter requires tuition

Discussion in 'Mummy Cafe' started by candicesim4, Nov 25, 2012.

  1. candicesim4

    candicesim4 New Member

    Hi I'm just wondering if anyone can give me a recommendation for a tutor or a tuition center as my daughter requires tuition. She's sec 3 next year and her past tutor is not getting any results with her so now i want someone who can guarantee results. Please help thank you.
  2. Wanda9480

    Wanda9480 Member

    want to know it too...
  3. sandylim

    sandylim New Member

    I'm also looking for a good tutor or centre. My daughter's grades need to be pulled up if not she can't get into pure science.
  4. Tristar

    Tristar Member

    Are you looking for science tutor? Is she into combined sci or pure sci next yr??
  5. Dreamwish

    Dreamwish Member

    I am not able to recommend good tutor however I have bad tutors & agency to alert everyone here.. Do drop me pm if you want to get hold of their contacts..
  6. Tristar

    Tristar Member

    I have recommendation of centres in the East, Simei and Tampines area. Where do you stay Sandylim & CandiceSim??
  7. jane80

    jane80 New Member

    I think Tristar did'nt see their location. They live in the north. Sandy and Candice if you don't mind i can recommend you my tutor, he's been with me for arnd 3 years plus and the results has been good but my tutor has shifted to group tuition. Now he's with Xcite tuition agency. I'll probably put my children here as well since its so difficult to find good tutors nowadays. Oh btw his contact no 92956459.
  8. fruiti

    fruiti Member

    Hi Sandy and Candice,

    You can send your kids to the same centre as mine. Distance is not an issue. most impt your child must benefit.

    My girl has improved from 50+% to 86% for this SA2. Just a period of 3 mths. It's not just the results. My girl is much more motivated. In the past I have to nag at her before she would drag her feet to do her work. After attending classes she has grown to be more dependent and would complete her work on her own.

    Attitude is everything. When come to kids, there no compromise.

    Will drop you ladies a message :)
  9. cher4GS

    cher4GS New Member

    Hi Fruiti

    May I know which centre your kids are attending ? Kindly PM me the tutor's contact.

    Thanks a lot !
  10. Tristar

    Tristar Member

    Haha! My bro lives in Sembawang but he still sends his kids to the centre in the east after he saw the improvement in my kids.
  11. cher4GS

    cher4GS New Member

    Hi Tristar

    Can pm me the tuition centre's name & location, which teacher ? I am looking for P4 & lower Sec, maths & Sci.

  12. Jing

    Jing New Member

    Hi mums, im new here.=) I have two daughters, both in Sec sch level.. They are currently with Think Education Learning Centre in Bugis.. The teacher's very patient and the fees are reasonable imo.

    The teacher's from Harvard, and specialises in teaching secondary sch and JC level. They have MOE teachers there too i think... My girls results greatly improved since=) So i Would strongly recommend it!

    You can visit their website Think Education: Tuition and Enrichment Center or u can contact the tutor at 9069 1017. His name is Terence.

    Hope it helps!
  13. cjhng

    cjhng New Member

    Hi, I have been a private tutor for over 20 years, beginning in my student days in Raffles Institution (RI) and Raffles Junior College (RJC). After graduating with First Class Honours from NTU, I continued to work as a private tutor and also did relief teaching in various Primary Schools and Secondary Schools around Singapore, thereby accumulating valuable experience in working with students from all levels and of different academic abilities.

    I am effectively bilingual, with distinctions in both GP (English) and Chinese. I am currently available to teach the following subjects/levels:

    Primary 1 - 6: English, Chinese, Maths, Science
    Secondary 1 - 5: English, Chinese, Literature (both English & Chinese), History
    JC: GP, Chinese, Literature (both English & Chinese)
    Polytechnic/ITE: Business Management, English/Chinese Language Proficiency
    University: Business Management, Business Communication
    Adults/Expatriates/Foreign Students: English-Chinese Proficiency

    Please feel free to call/SMS me at 92770628 or email me at for a non-obligatory discussion.

    Thank you - Chee Joo (Mr Hong)
  14. sandylim

    sandylim New Member

    I've registered at Xcite learning centre its here in Yishun which makes it very convenient. The manager there was very friendly and insightful and the teachers there are very experienced. I'm glad i joined Xcite and i'm sure the results will follow. Its that kind of feeling you know. You just know you've found something great.
  15. candicesim4

    candicesim4 New Member

    Hahah i also registered with Xcite. I saw their pamphlet and it just clicked i guess. You met Esh right. Yar he was very professional and i think this is going to be a right fit. You guys should just give them a call. The manager is very very friendly. You should just book an appointment. He's not pushy at all. His no is 91802714. His name is Esh. Hahah i'm just excited.
  16. candicesim4

    candicesim4 New Member

    Can't believe its the start of the year already.
  17. RainieOng85

    RainieOng85 New Member

  18. candicesim4

    candicesim4 New Member

    My daughter is in sec 3 so its 180 dollars plus don't forget the $50 registration fees and course material fees. But this week i saw they had an openhouse and the $50 was waived. Its still on this week i think.

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