My gynae says baby doesn't need any nutrition from mum in first trimester??


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Hi mums,

I'm in my 11th week now. My preggy life hasn't been very good since 5th week when I found out that I'm pregnant. Having serious MS and literally can't keep anything down. Only surviving on fruit juice and 3, 4 spoonful of solid a day. I can't drink formula milk as well. Can drink fresh milk on some good days. Since my friends either can eat well or those who suffered from same severe MS can at least drink formula milk, I'm paranoid that my baby won't get enough nutrition when it is critical time for him. However, my gynae just give me folic acid and nothing else, also said it's ok not to drink formula milk. She says just drink water with honey or sugar. Having 1.63m height, 45.3kg seems to be really underweight and I'm getting really worried. Shall I beg my gynae to give me prenatal vitamins? Please advise!


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Hi JoyfulMay, your weight is seriously too light for a pregnant mum. How are you coping now?

By the way, many of my pregnant friends are taking a supplement recommended by nutritionists, TCM and western doctors. During their pregnancy, they had no nausea problem, backaches, acne, migrain, swollen limbs, hairfall, etc. Those who took the supplements now have complete and healthy babies; some even had a head of thick hair, seldom fall sick and are fast-learners. Recently, I got to know that President Obama is also taking the same brand. PM me if you want to find out more. Take care! :)


I tink putting on weight doesnt really mean baby will not be healthy. Just to share ( thou the pregnancy i refer to is 7yrs back ) i merely put on less den 5 kg for 1-2nd trimester. Super bad MS, rejects alot of food even my usual favorite ones. In fact 1st trimester i lost weight. i wasnt so skinny like u given the same height afterall was my 2nd pregnancy back then..

i have super lousy appetite. Mouth n brain wants to eat but after food i throw out badly. Morning the gastric juices all come out. the only food i can eat n not vomit is FishHead Beehoon soup / double boiled soup. So my gynae says baby is pretty small almost to the end of my 2nd trimester which made me worried, so i resort to drinking 2 bottles of HL daily and some durian. Dare not eat so much, phobia cos 1st pregnancy i ate durian 10days a row which made me put on 15kg in jus 1 month alot ( cannot shed away the weight after that ). Baby came out jus fine, 2.96kg very healthy.

based on experience u may want to explore what food the baby likes to eat lol, so u wont MS so much. Cos when i tink back all my pregnancies the food i like to eat during preggy is exactly what the kids now like to eat. i have 3 kids and all of them eating preference is totally different


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I was also same as you, can't eat much. cannot eat a full meal. but i could eat snacks like walnuts, cashew and almonds from they kept me going and it is fine if you cannot eat much. it will past. dun worry too much.

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@JoyfulMay Hi, as a pregnant woman you're too thin now and need to eat foods to give enough nutrients to your baby. I also got serious MS as well during my first trimester. I puked everything I ate I think, but I still force myself to eat. You can try these ways because they're effective to me.
1. Dividing your 3 meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) into 7-8 small portions and eat them for many times. Don't let yourself feel too full.
2. Drink some sparking lemonade to restrain the MS feeling.
3. Take some supplements like multivitamins, fish oil, folic acid, Vitamin C...., you can also drink beef soup or chicken essence to intake more iron, zinc, and good protein to boost your energy and nourish your health.