My maid has VD (STD)


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My maid is just 6 months here. Did her first 6 months medical check up and DR confirmed she has Venereal Disease (Sexually Transmitted Disease). I have faxed the medical report to MOM. Now what am I suppose to do? My agent say no problem it common on maids. Though I am getting a replacement maid from the agent. While waiting what am I suppose to do. Wait for replacement maid? Will MOM will cancel her permit immediately or wait for my replacement maid?? I am so lost..
Someone pls advise


I think you should write to MOM and explain your case to them. I personally feel this maid should not be allowed in to wk in sg. Imagine if she us taking care of baby.
The agent is so irresponsible saying it is common.
I dun think it is common bc I had 3 maids of 2 diff nationality and I nvr come across a chk up with VD. My maids are taking care of my 2 kids.
My advice is to report the agent & maid to MOM. Then send bk the maid bc you dun want another sgporean family to suffer.


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Thanks pililili. Her 6 mth medical (6ME)check up shows she has VD hence I dont think the agent can cheat and send her to another house cos I sent the medical report to MOM myself. Btw the agent did say cancelling her permit and sending her home. Just that I am waiting for replacement maid.
Her first medical check up should be clean, if not she will not be able to get insurance. Within this 6 months she hanky-panky...

My doubt is since I am still waiting for replacement maid, will MOM want me to bring her for further treatment? Does this mean her 6ME failed?