My nails are turning yellow, anyone knows why?

Discussion in 'Cosmetics Junkie!' started by KKKXDXD, May 5, 2018.

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    Well I am no medical professional. You should go see your Doctor to diagnose what exactly is going on.

    I did research on this topic myself and I found that there could be many reasons why your Nails are turning yellow, from fungal infection to all sorts of reasons!

    From the Article i wrote:

    "This is one of the most common problems that men and women face often. If you have yellow nails for more than 10 days (as well as the continuous growth of yellow nails), you should make an appointment with your doctor to determine if it a sign for something even more severe health complications such as yellow nail syndrome.


    The most common causes for yellow nails are fungal infections, smoking, applying henna dye, eating food like curry with your hands that contains strong food dye (turmeric) or using nail polish or very harsh nail products.


    • A Proper Base Coat
    Applying the base coat before applying nail polish is important as it prevents the nail polish from staining your nails. (Again, as you might already know, we are sheepish promoters who are bad at Marketing… at least we are upfront about it HAHAHA. See our health-centric base coats on our Store here)

    • Vitamin E
    Vitamin E is known to retain moisture of your nails and make it looks much healthier. Hence consume more food that contains Vitamin E such as almonds or spinach. (Yup we have that as well)

    • Baking Soda
    Soak your nails or toenails in a mixture of warm water and baking soda. Soaking your nails in this mixture may prevent further growth of fungal growth and leave you with much clearer nails over a few courses. (no we don’t sell this)"

    Of course, I am no Doctor. Do refer to my Article for all my citations and sources as it is a compilation from various health organisations:

    I think the topic of Nail health has to be taken more seriously!
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    You need to consult your doctor KKKXDXD.
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    Have you been eating multi-vitamins? We should start eating when we hit 30 years old..
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    Of course, the vitamin complex in any case will be useful for the health of your nails. But sometimes the nails turn yellow due to the use of low-quality nail Polish. I recommend all girls to pay attention to kodi professional usa official website and buy the highest quality gel nail polishes at a bargain price. This will give you the opportunity to have the most beautiful nails every day.

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