My silent reflux baby, symptom, treatment and solution


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Hi mommies,
I just want to share my experience with my new born baby who has been diagnosis with silent reflux.
My baby born at 15th Jan 2013, and i had been breast feeding her since born. She was a very happy baby with good appetite. Due my condition i need to stop breast feeding on beginning of march. Since then i try to find suitable milk for my baby.
  1. I try ( 1 can) similac and she throw up few time
  2. I try enfalac A+, she seem ok with the milk and she finish 4 big can of milk, then she suddenly no appetite with milk. She refusing milk. She drink like only 30 ml or 40 ml (usually 120 to 140 ml)
  3. I brought her to pediatric and he said i gave her to much milk, and ask me to give her milk with longer interval of time. (usually 3 hour now per 4 hour) but she still don't drink, throw up and unhappy.
  4. I go to other pediatric, and said my baby got bad colic, and gave some med, and still no changes in 3 days.
  5. I went to other pediatric again for 3rd opinion. This pediatric is a very good one. He check my baby carefully and come out with 3 possibility. And one of them is silient reflux. Baby feel like heart burn thats why she refusing to drink.
  6. So she been on losec one a day, and change milk to NAN HA, burping for 30 minute. Buy anti reflux pillow. She look fine and appetite start to come back for a week then she start refusing milk again.
  7. I went back to pediatric and gave losec twice a day for a week and one a day for a month.
  8. After I med her with losec she still throw up alot, 3-4 time a day, so I try change milk to enfalac HA and still no changes.
  9. then I try similac comfort, and she look better and appetite start to come back. Less throw up ( 1 to 2 vomit a day and drink 90ml per drink). But my baby look thinner.
  10. So I start research and i found out about a baby recover with his reflux by drinking goat milk.
  11. I brought Karihome goat milk for infant (0 to 6 month) and give her to try. And stop all med, coz i feel med also no use. She drink med also still throw up.
  12. 1st day with goat milk she look more happy, and talk alot. she never been so happy for more then 1 month due her condition. Throw up 1(one) time at evening.
  13. 2nd day, she look better then yesterday and still throw up 1(one) time at evening.
  14. 3rd day and so on, no more throw up. She back to normal.

Im so happy, after more then a month with alot of struggle, tired and worried. I want to share this with mommies, who got same problem with my baby can also have solution. Coz I really know that having a reflux baby is not easy for us.
And for mommies, who is still BF and encourage the most to continue at least till 6 month or till the digeste system is mature enough, My 1st daughter have no problem with milk coz i BF her till 9th month, so much different with my 2nd.
tx all and GBU all


i bf my ger til abt 8 months... then started her on full FM..
at about 10 months.. suddenly she refuse milk as well.. used to drink 210 ml... then suddenly refuse after 100 ml..
brought her to see PD... PD say she might be weaning off... alternatively can try goat milk cos she might be lactose intolerance..
PD also gave her some supplement to cleanse her system..

she drank a few days of goat milk.. seems to regain her appetite..
wanted to feed her normal formula and she threw up..
now sticking to goat milk as well..

thinking to try soy formula milk.. any recommendation?