My Super Sensitive, Oily & BIG pores face problem has cure liao!!!


Hi mummies,

I have very bad face condition. Used lots of brand product, went for facial with Dr Spa, Dr Haach, New York, neighbourhood facial shop but none can resolve my problem.

Until my neighbor introduced me this Brand called Celavive. After 1time use i see my face glow now my red sensitive face problem has tremendous improvement. My pores on nose 1batch is gone. on other area is minimizing. I can share my before and after photo with you if you want. hehehe

What i love most is i've found out those brand that i have been using has preservative, paraben, alcohol so no wonder my face forever so bad condition and i learnt something is dosent mean expensive product is the best. Cheaper one might be better.
Celavive is gluten-free, contains no harsh chemicals or parabens, and has been dermatologically tested and non-comedogenic, which means it will not clog pores.

•Celavive is designed to bring your complexion to life. Each product contains innovative science-based ingredients and vital nutrients to replenish, balance, and restore your skin’s youthful appearance.
•One way to protect against damage and prevent early signs of aging is through the use of antioxidants
•In only a few short weeks of using the full regimen, you will see beautiful results:
•Brighter, healthy-looking glowing skin
•Enhanced look of firmness
•Visibly reduced fine lines and wrinkles
•Improved hydration
•Appearance of soft, smooth texture
•Visibly even skin tone

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I tried using USANA's product (Essentials) for a week. It has been great to me. It helps make me feel healthy everyday. I think all of their products are effective just like Celavive.


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My skin is super sensitive. I had a hard time finding the right procedure. I couldn't use creams, so I started doing face yoga I learned at
Facial yoga is currently one of the most popular skin rejuvenation techniques that you can perform at home.
You should do this simple exercise for treating neck wrinkles in the morning as soon as you wake up. The advantage of the popular method is that you can do it anytime, anywhere. So you can do this exercise whenever you get a moment of solitude - on a break at work while watching TV, and even while waiting for the bus, if there is no crowd around you and people who will look at you a little "weird."
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Hey fellow Singaporeans, I came across this new telegram community @sgskincarehelp dedicated for skincare advice for those living in hot and humid Singapore. Its quite new but any interested can join, ask questions or share advice! I personally haven't found anything similar for Singapore on telegram, thought it might be helpful for some of us