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hi all,

i need some advise here. i have missed my menses for 2.5mths. my last 1st day period was on 16/08/19. i have checked using home pregnancy test for 5 times and all negative. i have seen GP and did my test last 2wks also negative. when probe further, my gp said better to wait till 3mths before he recommend to visit gynae. but the problem is my tummy feel sooooo bloated and hard. and im starting to feel like a pregnant lady; with back pain, tummy cramp and pain, headache and at times nausea too.

my qns is should i just go to any prvt gynae to get it check? or i can go to polyclinic to get referral to hosp? whats the best place i should go? i wanted to go prvt gynae but im scared of the high cost.. if i were to go polyclinic, the waiting time will be disastrous.

im mid 30s and i have 1 child.. of coz we are planning to have a 2nd one after miscarriage twice.