Need help - Reviews on Dr KM Heng Clinic


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Hello dera Mommies

I am 11 weeks pregnant and was visiting NUH . Honestly was very disappointed with my gynaec there . So planning to shift to Dr KM Heng clinic .

Does anybody have an experience ith the clinic and the Doc

It would be of great help as I have an appointment on Wednesday ( day after )

Thanks a bunch



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This is something normal that pregnant people start to have arthritis. It is hard for you to make sport and also the additional weight can affect your joints. My wife was having Postpartum Arthritis, and she wasn't able to stand for on time, because of the pain, s this is why we decided to go and see a doctor. He explained to us that this is something normal, and we shouldn't be afraid of it because it si possible to cure. Now we are following a treatment course and my wife starts to feel better, and pain doesn't bother her so hard anymore.
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