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wow $2700? next year price increase so much? let me know if anyone looking for very experienced nannies! can cook SUPER excellent foods as well
hello, everyone, I'm Esther Ong from Woodlands.

need recommendation for good Confinement Lady & Massage Lady as I need to change my current one services & treatments
not to our satisfy requirement.

Our requirement for a new Confinement Lady & Massage Lady:-
- take care my new born baby
- take care my daily routine (toiletries, prepare my shower, wash my hair if you are require)
- take care & prepare my confinement foods
- take care my daily massage, post natal massage etc
- take care & wash my new born clothes, napkins, baby milk bottles, all baby things
- take care & wash my clothes too (plus if require)
- plus other ad-hoc assignment that require when the time comes

If anybody is interested or can recommend me - PM or send email to
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have mummies heard of different regions of malaysia producing different types of nannies?
it is quite true sometimes!
like a johor nanny is very different to an ipoh nanny to a KL nanny, etc...
some regions are definitely better than the others


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hi esther ong... 3 months old is out of confinement period... do u still want to be in confinement?
i have nanny available... do you want ASAP? what is your budget? it seems you want a lot done?


Hi Mummies,

Any good confinement ladies to recommend?
My edd is on 31st Aug 2015. Budget is around $2400-$2500.
Pls pm me if you have any good 1 to intro.


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i have nannies with more than 10 years experience each... excellent at baby whispering n super great cooking. very popular nannies. pm me to see if you can get availability with them!


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most r fully booked up to august... but can still try! pm me if seriously looking to engage. these r nannnies i personally used. i m not agent.


I am from EDD Oct 2012 forum and recently given birth to a healthy baby daughter.
I am here to recommend my confinement lady to anyone who is looking. She is ending her service with me tomorrow.

She is really good coz after reading lots of forums on CL, I realized she did more than she is supposed to. Beside doing things that are expected of her, she is also changing my bed linen every week (even my bro's who sleeps in another room), cooked and reheat food for my husband and brother when they come home later than my dinner time, sew extra buttons on baby's clothes that has gotten too big and even help mend a pillow case that had a split, etc etc! All this on her own without us asking!

Most importantly, she is very patient and loving towards my baby and I. My baby is a little fussy at night and won't go to sleep in her own cot. She likes to be cuddled. My CL would actually hold her until she falls asleep which can take hours at night! Even I dont't have the patience sometimes.

Anyway, just hoping I could help her. PM me if you want her contact number. Thanks for reading.
Hi, can i get your CL hp no? I am due in Aug 2015.


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I'm looking for an experience nanny as this is my first baby n I pregnant with twin girls. My Due Date is end of Mar 2015. The nanny just have to concentrates on babies as my mum will do the cooking for me. Appreciate if you can PM me with good nanny in town.