need recommendations on nappy rash cream


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anyone can tell me which is better for nappy rash cream for babies? destin cream or daprolene cream or any other brands?


My son had been using 'Mustela' since birth till now already 2, seldom any diaper rash, except when he has diarrhea. Can get it from kiddy palace and it smells good.
But when he develops any rash, I will use Sudocream from Mothercare. The rash will be gone the next day.


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Though may be harder to get and more expensive...just my 2 cents worth to give an alternative to the brands more popular in sg stores. Cos prefer more natural products for my baby.

Tried California baby diaper cream...didn't like it as it's too liquidy.

A friend recommended method baby squeaky green diaper cream. I love it! Benefits: it has a pump like some skincare lotion which works great with no mess when handling wiggly baby on changing table. Also it is more natural and no harsh chemicals. Ingredients are eg. Rice milk and mallow as in found in marshmallow. 10% zinc oxide which helps heal the diaper rash. Think some other brands are 30-40%! I find that though it may heal rash really fast, but don't feel comfortable using it for baby. Made in Canada.

Also tried weleda baby calendula diaper care 12% zinc oxide. Calendula is a flower that helps heal naturally. Pretty good too... Made in Germany.

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ds has been using Desitin creamy. works very well on him. use for nappy rashes and prevention. =)


When my girl had diaper rash after a bout of diarrhea, Drapolene didn't work for my girl, desitin original (purple packaging) was the best! 40% zinc oxide, it clears up diaper rash almost immediately on contact. We see improvement at the next diaper change.

Desitin creamy (blue packaging) is good for prevention... but not so effective as the purple version for actual rashes.
anyone can tell me which is better for nappy rash cream for babies? destin cream or daprolene cream or any other brands?
SEBAMED!! All my relatives use that for my cousins! And A lot of CL also recommend it. I bought it and used it on my rashes also and it cleared very quicky and soothing. LOL. Its very light. No smell. Good for baby.
not sure lei..but not very ex cos can use very long..and if your baby have no rashes dun use..later they immune to it..


Used desitin ( purple) for first 6 mths... Nvr has diaper rash, then switched to avent liquid talc... But they stopped production for it!!

Used sebamed facial cream on face for rashes cause by drooling though.... Works well..:)
Been using desitin blue on my son since day 1. Never have diaper rash.. Even when he got loose stool his butt just slightly pinkish, when this happens I use the purple one..

My niece got very sensitive skin and develop rash frequently so I recommended the desitin purple, she use it daily and now seldom got rash.


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hi dearies, i worked at a childcare/infant care centre and we used Desitin (purple) cream for nappy rashes. it works wonders. and not just for nappy rashes, should your child bump into anything or has some redness, the cream usually demolished the redness in less than 10 minutes. we recommend to all our parents and they are very satisfied.