New baby 5 weeks old


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hi we are parent of 5 week old baby and seeking parenting idea from members here ...
Hello everybody!


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I also had such a problem. And I didn't know the reason why that was happening. So, I just went to a service and they fixed the problem. The guy from the service said it was because of my seat that somehow caught on the carpet and tore it. But, unfortunately, I had also to repair my front driver's side carpet. I was thinking then about buying a new one but I decided that it would be better if I just repaired my old carpet. So, I found a carpet repair service on the internet and called 0480 028 484 and they came right in the day I called them. They repaired my front driver's carpet and cleaned it. I was so surprised by how clean it was and it looked like a new one.
I really understand your situation, as I remember when I damaged my mother's carpet and she was so angry...
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