New Catering options for all office ladies and mums!

Charlene Yue

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Hi mummies, hope you are having a great Thursday!

I just wanted to give a shout out to this food delivery website I recently discovered called FeastBump. Basically, I like to use them because they have saved me a lot of effort in ordering team lunch for my team during office meetings. I think they have a very good variety of eateries like Maki-san, Park Bench Deli, and Pulse Patisserie. So far I have been very satisfied with their service and they will also sometimes offer up to 30% in discounts for food! (yay for discounts!)

I thought that I will let you guys know about this good company in case you ever need to order food for your kids' parties and friends gatherings. If you want to try out new catering options, visit FeastBump!

P.S FeastBump has many awesome bakeries such as Butter Studio, Lady M Confections and Paris Baguettes which are offering delivery too. So no more worries on buying cakes for your kids's birthday if you are too busy working!:eek:

Check out FeastBump here -->

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