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Hi Mommies & Daddies...

I am new here...Im Rieyan, currently 32 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child.
My 1st is already 9 years old & studying in Seng Kang Primary - P3.

Currently staying with my parents & awaiting for invitation from HDB to choose & book our new flat in Seng Kang area too.

Am worried on who to take care of me & assist me during my confinement.
Been looking around high and low. Kinda stress on this part.

Confinement nanny agencies are charging very2 high even for a day care nanny.

These are a few of the requirements...
1. I need someone to assist me in grocery shopping for the items to cook for JUST me.
2. Cooking nutritious meal for ME ONLY, brewing of herbs & whatnot
2. Bathing & taking care of my baby
3. Laundry twice a week - mainly mine and baby's ONLY
4. Morning from 9am till late afternoon or early evening - 1st 2weeks
5. 3rd & 4th week - Earlier knock off on Sat, Sunday off