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    In Singapore, it has been ingrained within the consciousness (from a tender age) that only grades matter. As a consequence, more than just a handful of students are feeling suffocated and burdened in the extremely punishing academics race to score well in anything and everything. Being overly-stressed for prolonged periods brings about seriously detrimental effects to both physical and mental health, and its no wonder we are witnessing an increasing trend of young ones ending their own lives prematurely.

    One suicide is one too many, one depressed soul is one too many; in fact even one tear shed is one too many. Everyone needs to do their bit to generate greater awareness about this sad state of affairs, and we @ Domain of Singapore Tutoring Experts are chipping in with the creation of a brand new section specially dedicated to featuring contributions and sharing by students themselves on coping with heavy workloads and actively seeking assistance when the going gets too tough. Let our kids know they are not alone, and there is no shame in wanting to talk to a psychiatrist or counselor. Every life is precious; a healthy state of mind means so much more than a couple of As and distinctions.

    Students On Stress (And Suicide) is sponsored by Circle of Care ( Circle of Care > Home). Read their personally penned message on our page and spread word. God bless.


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