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  1. [h=5]Xiao Qian Mickey [​IMG]feeling angry at New York Skin Solution IOI MALL.[/h]15 April · Puchong · [​IMG]

    Think twice before you go to New York Skin Solution IOI Mall Puchong! I was threatening to sign up package.
    I went to New York Skin Solution IOI Mall just now upon UOB Card complimentary with 1 New York Collagen Treatment & skincare kit. Shermain Chong, the branch manager attended me and one of my friend who used to work in New York Skin Solution 10 years ago. As usual, we were invited to a small room for skin analyst, then personalized custom made facial treatment & product explanation. After that of cause she promoted the facial package and special promotion. (we haven't started the treatment yet and she wanted us to sign up the package!!!) Shermain Chong knew my friend used to work in NY skin solution and then she said to both of us: " Since you used to work in NY skin Solution, then I need no to do the "sale talk" with you. if you didn't sign the package, your facial treatment you get today will only be half of the treatment I explained just now.
    (She cut the treatment package items she wrote on paper into half directly which I felt was very rude!!!)

    I'm so surprised. We came here for the complimentary treatment but how we have been treated by the branch manager, Shermain was forcing & threatening to sign package with such rude and bastard attitude!
    Below is the text message I received.
    RM0.00 UOB Card: Redeem your complimentary 1 New York Collagen Treatment & skincare kit. Click @ or call 03-22845566. Till 30June16. T&C apply


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