Night Light


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Went to Harbor Freight to get an ATV battery (those work good btw) with my expiring 20% off coupon. Out of stock, but I noticed this solar powered, lithium battery, motion heat detecting outside LED light so I grabbed that, so as not to waste the trip, or the coupon.

I'm not using the solar panel that comes with it, it has a DC input jack I have wired to a USB outlet in the cabin (it has in internal 3.7v battery) to keep it charged. First of all, this sucker it bright, lights up the whole front of the place (photo doesn't do it justice, maybe the flash). I no longer have to bring a flashlight when the dog and I take our midnight pee.

Another big advantage for me: Since my cabin is powered by lithium batteries in my truck, if we arrive at night I have to leave the headlights on until I get the cabin plugged in and lit up. Not anymore, instant light with the internal battery.


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Yes, it does not compare with the power of my unique night lights, which I use throughout the house. You just did so many things to put precisely the lamp that you need. That's cool, man. You're a really good guy. And now I was wondering what kind of lighting you have at home or in the yard, you can tell me if it's not difficult... You've probably worked as an electrician all your life because I see how you understand all these electrics. You probably have vast experience in this field, don't you? In short, you did a great job, and you did excellent lighting!