Abit side track though..

I don't really believe in gigolo club.. Why should we 'pay' in order for people to entertain/company or worst still, sleep and f*** us? lol

However, if you really want to go such club, try google online. There are many out there..
Did I see 'gigolo'?

Agreed with Jess though. Why should we pay to have company/entertainment, or sex?
We can look up our friend for chat, or to rant online... If really need the 'sex', can just go outside and 'find'.

Anyway, if you really want to go, there's some along lavender street... And there's a Korean Gigolo Club somewhere in town as well.

PM me if you keen though, as don't know if can share in here..
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Hi ladies,
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I'm not going to such club but I hope to get to know more female friends facing marriage issue problem.
PM me can, I'm thinking of coming out to meet and have dinner after work (chit chatting or even shopping)


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I always wanted to work like a gigolo and have intimacy with beautiful women. I even sent a request to the site, but the truth is I don’t know if it will be possible to start making money like this. But to be honest, it's not even about money, but the fact that I love women!


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If anyone need gigolo service let me know. I'm here for you to satisfy and make you happy until you feel enough. No need to pay for my service if you like my service give me more contacts. #300% trust worthy safe gigolo. Waiting for your message.


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Go G club won't solve your hubby problems. I've helped some women overcome their family problem and hubby problem. Let me intro myself; I'm a feng shui master who is also doing family and marriage relationship consultation service. To solve the problem, first you hv to understand the root of the cause. Most women won't be able to identify because they don't know what is a man's thoughts, needs and wants. And being a man I can help you to evaluate in logic what happened in the past, what kind of a person your husband is; and what's gonna happen in the near future. Engage my consultation service. Don't hv to pay me for the 1st meet up. Please PM me. Cheers.


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I honestly don't think going to G club would help. What you need is a warm companionship without booze and other toxic culture. I was a conservative lady but I surprisingly turned to 3 male escorts I found on Locanto. However, I would like to recommend Kyle.

Although he's young, he was mature and took care of my needs. He was 25, 2 years ago when I took up his services. He recently restarted his escort services and thought it'd be nice to give him a shoutout since he's looking to pay for his masters. His post is titled Local Elite Companionship for Females. If you need more tips on how to get through a divorce or a cheating partner, please drop me a message.