NO NO to Dr Lawrence Ang from Sembawang

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  1. manao

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    Dr Lawrence Ang Sembawang Way
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  2. paulinepoh80

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    Agree. 1st son delivered by him. Second pregnancy bad experience. Not ethical.
  3. ellehcor21

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    Can you share your experience with Dr. Ang?
  4. YolandaTeoHY

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    Bad encounter with Dr Ang. Would like to hear from you moms.
    I find him to not be professional. He put his arms around me, told me to lie down on the couch and said "let me see your beautiful stomach" he then proceeded to pull down my panties. When his nurse volunteered to do it, he said "I'll do it myself". I felt awkward and uncomfortable. Is this the common practice of every O & G doctors?
  5. MizfitMumma

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    Hi Care to share? I am having my second baby and I am seeing him.

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