Nov 2007 mummies


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My son is born 7 Nov 2007, anyone sharing same date?
I don't have a scale for weighing baby at home, but guess he's around 7.5kg now. Around 65cm.


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Hi Nov mummies,
My daughter is coming to 8 mths now and she is taking porridge twice a day (lunch & dinner) and on breast milk. But she has been having constipation since she started on solids. Her stool is quite hard and few and she only pass motion alternate days. anyone is facing with the same problem? any good suggestion on what to feed her? i have tried fruit juice & fruits but it doesnt seem to help.
My daughter is now 8 months too. We started on solids at 5-6 months. She developed allergy to some veggies so we needed to slow it down. Besides after mummy eating lots of cakes or givin to her avocado had a problem of constipation for about a week. What I can suggest to help: If you are breastfeeding then eat lots of veggies plus soups, papaya, lots of water, plums, apricots,apples and beetroot(boiled) help very well. I had to eat all this stuff esp boiled peeled off whole beetroot and then cut it into pieces and ate throughout the day. Also cut on bread, do not eat white rice and evrythin that can cause hardenning of stool. Also give ur BB veggies and|or fruits. I;m not Singaporean and in my country they say to feed BB like this:
Breakfast - cereal (different) (rice - can give constipation)
Lunch - veggies
Dinner - Fruits

Also a few times a day or before each feed do massage of her belly clockwise with babay lotion and take her legs and push ithem forward and backward. Also while trying to pass motion put her on her side or belly. Also you can soak thin cotton sticks in baby oil and put it for a moment into BB's anus and then just try to iritate it's outer part for a bit. It can stimulate BB to pass motion.
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Hi there

My daughter was born on the 16th November, she was seven weeks premature, scary! But she is fit and healthy now, she weighed 2.4 kg when she was born but now weighs 11kg!! She's is half caucasian so I guess that's why she was so big!


My son was born on 26 Nov 07 and he was actually 4 weeks early... But I was actually not surprise as I know I will not be able to hold until 38 or 39 weeks... He weighed 2.55kg but he now he is weighing 11kg... :tlaugh:


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hi all, my son is born on nov 10... aft 38wks in me... he's now coming to 15mths n weighs ard 12kg +... dunno how he gets dat big... :shyxxx:

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wah, then mine is super small liao.. she's now 18 mths but only 8.2kg, since birth till now, she's always slightly below average.. lol ~


Hahaha... My son have gain a little weight, he is now 12.5kg at 15++ mths (coming to 16mths next week).

That day I just brought him to c doc and saw a little of the same age as him, but the little was really pettite in size. My boy seems to be a tiny giant when standing beside her.


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Hi, check with all mummy here.

My boy still can't walk by himself. He can walk by holding the coffee table, chair or by our hands holding his hands.
Actually he's able to walk few steps by his own. Do you think he's ok? Any of your child like my boy still need something to support them to walk?

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Hi liying3,

My boy started to walk when he was 15mths. I was so worried when he still don't know how to walk at 13mths. I quickly seek the advice from the physiotherapy that he is seeing for his neck muscle and she said he is normal.

I realise boys are slow with language and movement development. My son only walk quite steadily when he is 17mth old. So if u r worried, seek the advice from ur PD.