Offering O Level Tuition @ $100 Discount for the First Month!


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Dear Parents,

I am offering a discount of $100 for the first month of tuition with me.

Should you know of anyone who needs tuition in the subjects mentioned below (Secondary English & Math),
I will also be glad to pay you a referral fee of $50! (Terms & Conditions apply)

[you]About Me[/you]
My full name is Ng Cheng Bi Vincent. I am a 20 year old male who has just completed National Service
and is awaiting entry to the National University of Singapore.
Education History and Grades[/you]

2008 Catholic High School, Singapore
(2008 O Level Grades: 8A)

2010 Anderson Junior College, Singapore
(2010 A Level Grades: 3A and 1B)

2013 National University of Singapore Business School

Current Highest Qualification: GCE A Levels

[you]Teaching Experience[/you]
I have a teaching experience of 3 years, tutoring a total of 3 students within that period.

2010: Student 1 (Secondary 5 Normal Academic student from Canberra Secondary)
O Level English: from C6 to B3

2011: Student 2 (Secondary 4 Express student from Riverside Secondary)
O Level Additional Math: from before to A1

2011: Student 3 (Secondary 4 Express student from Pei Hwa Secondary)
O Level Elementary Math: from C5 to A2

[you]Subjects Taught and Grades Obtained[/you]

I can teach the following subjects particularly well:

  1. O Level English Language
  2. O Level Elementary Math
  3. O Level Additional Math
  4. Secondary School Math and English

Here are the grades I obtained for the above subjects:

2008 O Level English Language: A1
O Level Elementary Math: A1
O Level Additional Math: A2

2010 A Level H1 General Paper: A
A Level H2 Mathematics: B
How can I Help My Students?[/you]

  1. I will explain difficult concepts in a simple to understand way for my students.
  2. I will teach my students innovative ways to memorize key concepts quickly.
  3. I will set realistic academic goals with my students for them to work towards.
  4. I will give my students ample practice for them to really understand the concepts.
  5. I will teach only the important things that are likely to be tested.
  6. I will adjust my teaching pace according to my student’s academic ability.
  7. I will teach my students key analytical skills to score in comprehension and summary.
  8. I will go the extra mile to help my student to achieve better grades.
My Rates[/you]

As a general guide, my rates are:
$25 - $30 / hour (for 1 to 1 home tuition)
$20 / hour (for 2 students at 1 student’s home)
$15/hour (for group tuition of 3 students at 1 student’s home)

Please note that the above fees are negotiable.

The length of the lesson is dependent on the student. Even if the lesson exceeds the
agreed time, I will not charge additional fees. There are no hidden costs whatsoever.

[you]Available Dates[/you]
As my schedule is rather flexible, I am available at any day and time upon my student’s request.
The number of lessons per week is determined by my students as well.
What I am Not[/you]

  1. A Genius

I may not know all the answers but you can be sure that I will find the answers for
my students and clear all doubts that they may have.

2. A Miracle Worker

It takes time, parental support and most importantly, practice, to achieve better grades.
I cannot work instant miracles but given time, I will help my students to achieve better grades.
Contact Me[/you]

Should you have any queries or wish to arrange a lesson, please feel free to contact me at 98295138.
Alternatively, you could email me at

My full education transcripts and career resume are available upon request.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post.

Have a good day!

Vincent Ng