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yeah, i have really oily skin.. and i dont know how to solve it.. can anyone help me? or tell me what i can do / use to make my face less oily?

do i have to use certain facial masks? exfoliate now and then?

im stuck:embarrassed:
Could your skin be dry on the inside but oily on the outside,like mine? Actually, my face was really oily last time too. Now cos of preg, it dried up a bit. Hee

There's nothing much you can do though. Just keep it really clean. Yap clay masks help to dry up the oil a bit. Use once or twice a week. & scrub your face abt once a week. Use oil-free pdts.

Previously, I use this oil control serum from Bella Skin Care. Really help but very exp. You know those kind that's really concentrated.

Maybe you could go for facials? or even see a doc to control the oil. But not recommended. Only for short term control only.


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reaLLy? do u know any other good stuff ? im opting to go for clay masks cuz i heard that it sucks out the oil and dirt from your face.. :D


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cream what do u recommend? did you use clay masks before? were they good? ^-^
tell me more about it hehe :D


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Oil control -

1) nivea oil control facial foam
2) St.Ives Apricot Radiance Blemish-Fighting Cream Cleanser
3) Nivea Deep pore control toner
4) St,ives Mineral Clay Firming mask

use 1,2 & 3 daily in am and pm.
use 4 thrice a week. about 10-15 mintues based on thickness of application to dry,
rinse with warm water.
I use products from Bella Skincare & another clay mask from Esthethique(another facial pdt). I tried those sold at shops but didn't work for me so I'm sticking to those I got from my facial. Sorry not able to provide much help in pdts.

But Avene's pdts suits me too. They are really light & good for sensitive skin. ;)


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Try Mario Badescu Facial from ONLYaesthetics. It's actually a hollywood celeb raved product, well known for their ACNE and Oily Combi range of skin care products and ONLYaesthetics is the one and only place in Singapore who carry that product.

I think it comes in a set like facial wash + moisturizers and lotions. Have not tried it on my own but my colleague said it really works for her skin. :001_302:


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I've currenly started using Biotherm's Biopur range to control my oily-dry skin. My skin is notoriously oily in the T-zone, but the whole area of the skin is dry as well.... so I had limited choice in Moisturisers.

I can tell you that Biopur WORKS in reducing producing of oils from oily-pore-factories.... hehehe... on the down side - less oil means skin get a bit more dry loh, especially around the mouth area, eye area, and lips.

So i only use the Biopur moisturizer and lotion every other day, and use my regular moisturizer (Source Therapie from Biotherm) in between those days..... Works for me so far.

Avene deep facial cleanser is great as well - clears all the oil and sunscreen, but keeps skin soft (and not dry). But their moisturiser range not so suitable for my skin lah - feel a bit sticky....



I am currently using a cleanser which i find it very good for oily skin. Dont know if anyone heard of Eumora bar? I strongly recommended it, it is really worth trying !

Interested email mi for more info bingo_5_@hotmail.com


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Hi pretty,

I do facial treatment for people from home.
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Hihi, so far any members here using Nelly's service? I'm looking for facial treatment then to daily use products since I'm not sure which products suit me the best.


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Hi, try this website LIT By Nature the avocado facial scrub is good, though it stated twice a day, I use it almost daily, my skin is less oily now and condition is not dry as these are natural and organic products, free from harsh chemicals. You can also try the aloe vera facial wash, very mild and after wash your skin won't feel dry after wash. Very mild and natural feel. Happy trying!


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Hi, i used to have oily skin too...someimes it even cause breakout. I have made an effort of the daily and weekly regime to minimise the "side effect" of the oily skin.

like what many have recommended in the discussion, Deep cleansing mask like clay pack and marine mud works very well for me. I have now changed it to the Galvanic SPA which can also deep cleanse and improve my skin at the same time.

oily skin has to do with lack of moisture too. For my daily skin care regime, i am now using the ageloc transformation set and i like it alot. its less oily and it reduce the pore sizes, finer skin texture and even skin tone.


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Hi, I used to have oily, dehydrated skin problem also. I'm using the Niu Er Skincology AHA Sebum Purifying Lotion and Niu Er Beauty DIY Dead Sea Mud Mask. My face condition has improved quite a bit. Not oily anymore but must do masks to keep in the moisture. I use Beauty Diary Masks twice a week. I simply love the masks =)

Check out mylovelyskin.blogspot.com if interested. I got my supply from them =)