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Hihi ladies. Just wanna share that my skin is oily on the inside (prone to pimple outbreaks) but can be dry on the outside and it is prone to eczema if I use a clay mask or cleanser that is too drying. It is not easy trying to achieve a balance but I do realize that it is important to exfoliate and keep the pores clean so that actives from the serums can penetrate and work into the skin surface. :)


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Hihi ladies. Just wanna share that my skin is oily on the inside (prone to pimple outbreaks) but can be dry on the outside and it is prone to eczema if I use a clay mask or cleanser that is too drying. It is not easy trying to achieve a balance but I do realize that it is important to exfoliate and keep the pores clean so that actives from the serums can penetrate and work into the skin surface. :)

Yes, i do agree with u on this. we need a clean and unclogged pores so that the skin can absorb whatever treatment product that we put on. I use the Galvanic SPA twice a week for that. the skin feels very clean after that and the serum and moisturiser is being absorb quickly and better. Dun have the oil feeling .


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I exfoliate my skin 4x a week, alternating between a manual scrub and a gentle enzyme exfoliating cleanser. I will also do a clay mask at least once a week.

As I wear makeup every week day, I find it a challenge to keep my pores clog-free. I will use an oil cleanser to remove my makeup and then exfoliate (if I need to for that day) followed by a normal cleanser. I will also use a detoxifying serum every alternate day, or everyday depending on condition.


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follow the normal daily and weekly skin care regime.

For the daily regime like cleanser, toner treatment, day and nite moisturiser, use the one that address oiky skin. For me its, Clear action or ageloc.

Weekly regime is important too. Scrub 2-3 times a week. but dun scrub if u have breakout as it will cause inflammation. ClayPack 2-3 times a week, to absorb the oil effectively. (but i do it daily!) Galvanic SPa 2-3 times weekly to deep cleanse the skin as oily pores usally will be clogged and creates more skin issue


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To remove oily skin from the face and neck is certainly possible. Here are 6 tips that will help get rid of oily skin.

The skin's lubricant is called sebum. It comes from the sebaceous glands in the skin. This natural lubricant can be removed with just tap water. But if regular cleaning is not taking away the excess oil than the problem is probably that the sebaceous glands are over producing.

The glands usually give just the right amount of lubrication to protect the skin and the hair from the elements, such as wind.

If you are a teenager then hormonal changes can stimulate the oil glands especially during the time of puberty. Also steroids can do the same.

What You Eat Affects the Skin

Diet definitely has a role in how our skin and body functions. When sugary type foods and simple carbohydrates are eaten, this will increase insulin and glucose output. To remove oil from the skin, you should seriously avoid this type of snacks as much as possible. Concentrate on eating fruits and vegetables. Start off eating just a little more each day.
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However, diet probably is the least cause of oily skin. Proper skin care is most important. Cleansing, moisturizing and using the correct skin care products is essential.

Shaving - Men

If you are a man than you probably shave. If you use products that contain petrolatum or mineral oil you most likely have some oily skin. Women should note this also: Petrolatum in your skin care products is causing oily skin.

When you cleanse your skin don't do it harshly. If you over cleanse that will just start up the oil glands to give you oily skin. Just confuse your skin by thinking that scrubbing is appropriate. Scrubbing too much and too hard causes inflammation and irritation-that can cause breakouts and give the skin an aging look. We don't want that for sure.

What to Do Daily

Use a skin cream that has maracuja. This is a passion fruit extract that will balance the skin oil. It will help so your skin will not be oily or dry, just right. Use it everyday for best results.

What to Do Weekly

Weekly or bi-weekly use a deep cleansing mask. It should contain kaolin and bentone gel. Together they will take way the oils and dirt.


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If you have a oily skin u have to use good face-wash Clean & Clear Johnson Brand. It is best for your face. And one option is more i.e. take some multani mitti with gulab jal. This paste use on your face twice in week. You will get a better result after 5-6 wash.
If you get better result than reply me.
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Remember, there is no way to completely prevent oily skin from occurring, but hopefully these tips will help keep the oil and acne under control:

1.Although dirt and oil on the surface of the skin do not cause acne, excessive oil on your skin may exacerbate the clogging of pore openings, so proper washing is often a good way to keep the situation from becoming worse. Washing with very hot water, harsh soaps or cleansers will not improve existing acne or prevent future flare-ups. In fact, these methods can dry and irritate your skin so badly that you will not be able to use effective acne medications in cream or gel form. Most topical acne medications have a drying effect on oily skin.

2.Try a mild cleanser that cleanses without drying.

3.Do not use any oil-based cosmetics, which will only aggravate oily skin and create further blemishes.

4.Use water-based, non-comedogenic cosmetics.

5.Always remove your makeup before going to bed, but avoid cold creams and lotions, which may leave a greasy film on your skin.

6.Watch your diet. However, it is not chocolate or sweets that you need to watch, some doctors believe that an increased consumption of iodine aggravates acne, and they suggest reduction or elimination of fish and iodized salt.

7.Relax! Doctors have seen a connection between stress and acne for a long time. Studies have shown that the body produces more androgens when a person is under stress. The increase may trigger acne flare-ups by stimulating the sebaceous glands to pump out more sebum. Even physical stresses, such as colds, allergies, surgery, or menstration, can trigger break-outs.
Me too, I have oily skin and when I put regular face powder, I get some flaky areas esp on the side of the nose. So I just use some oil control powder.


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me what I do I just make sure I have the right skin care products that suits my skin. because even its branded or cheap at the end of the day the best product that is perfect for your skin is still the one that is compatible to your skin type.And of course the weather in your area affects it too.You should not use moisturizer too often on a very humid places.Its okay to moisturize your skin but choose the right products and take not of the climate on your area.


Ladies.. You definately hv to try ageloc pdts! I tried on my hubby who has oily skin and now his face is not oily anymore. I can do a demo.. Contact me!


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Oily skin and stressful life is reliable for pimples. there are some tips to get rid from it like keep hands off from face, wash skin twice a day, manage stress, try isotretinoin, explore lasers and eat healthy diet food.
i used to have v oily skin too. after trying AgeLoc products, my oiliness reduced. Pores refined too. u can PM me for my consultant contacts for free demo.


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Hey there, i also have same problems. Everytime my skin is very oily, especially through the day.
I always need to blot my skin like 2-3 times a day.

But my friend recommended me this product for my oily skin. Sara Shantelle's Tea tree facial bubbles to cleanse my face twice a day.

Then i use h20 crystal healing gel. This one helps to treat my acne.

do try them out!


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Applying pure chimp super cleanser helps me much in solving a lot of skin problkems.
Use it to have your skin clear and smooth.


You can use blotting sheet to control your oiliness it will leave your skin smooth and it has matte finish. Don't wash your face more than two times a day, drink plenty of water and eat healthy foods. Apply a facial mask once in a while.


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Hmm.. My cousin sister has this skin issue.

She used to buy all the OTC products and then tried high-end products.

But it seems like her face prefers products like Tea Tree Facial bubbles from Sara Shantelle. I feel her oiliness has reduced and have lesser pimples.

She use it along with their H20 Crytal Healing Gel which is a gel to calm any redness or irritation.
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I find that using a hydrating serum helps reduces the oil produced by my skin. Also have been trying out the cooling modeling mask pack, it is said to reduce skin temperature and also lessen oil produce.

I got the Torriden Dive-in Serum and Lindsay Cool Tea Tree mask from unnie.sg