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Blackjack is a casino table game in which the institution has an inherent built-in advantage. Thus, blackjack players should expect to lose over time. This is a statistical fact. However, sites that exist offshore and accept players from the United States from states where online gaming is prohibited, sites such as ACR use this reality and, in fact, give the player about 2% of the winnings in any session of more than 30 hands. This is done by manipulating the code in your casino client to increase the dealer's advantage to 10% or higher. Strong statements that sound like another disgruntled online casino customer crying about losing. And I am sure there is no shortage of such people, because what is happening is obscene. It is the data that tells the story of this fraud, not the sour grapes. Feel free to review my claims, because they are all backed up by numbers. And although the sample size could be larger, I only have so much money that I can keep losing. But I am sure that these results would not be much different from what they were in the last two nights. I would have more data that just confirms the trend that the dealer gets 20 and rarely loses, except when you close a casino customer, your hand histories are no longer available..

I was given 177 hands distributed over three separate sessions, and all the results were eerily similar. Basically, the dealer gets 20 or 21 in about 31% of cases. The average bet of my winning hands was 66% less than the bets of my losing hands. The same applies to doubling situations. Of the DDS I won, my bet was an eye-popping 88% less than the ones I lost. About the same when it came to dealing blackjack, where is my average score. the bet was 100% higher when the dealer got the blackjack than when I was blessed with 21.


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Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

I will be more attentive when I will play in online casino.


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One of the most important things you have to know about is if a casino site is profitable and interesting for you, since this is the basic reason.
Really is it rigged? I didn't even know about that, I am very lucky that I have seen that conversation, but since we are discussing a legit casino business, I know there is a site for free spins which doesn't have any problems with the VPN or the usage of bonuses, you just click on ti, and free to play- Very useful, a lot of bonuses and extra profit, without initial depositing, in short, very attractive site, and what is the most important- a real one, not a scammer.